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Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by bindy, Jan 16, 2022.

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  1. bindy

    bindy New Member

    steam id: STEAM_0:1:635616533
    steam name: bindy
    in-game name: bindy martello
    date ban issued: 2022-01-14
    duration of ban: 4 days
    ban reason: fail molly | explosive | LTAP | disrupting peaceful roleplay
    name of staff who banned: falcons
    why would you be unbanned: I didn't fail molly, not once did I use an explosive? And i am unaware of what he means by disrupting peaceful roleplay.

    notes: lol you guys are so sure that i was out there molotoving shops right? here is the video of me logging off - a minute before and u can see the date and timestamp on the top, u can also see this is where arsenio left the base and I DIDNT. i can tell from my short time on here you guys are on like a holy crusade to cleanse the martellos but u can clearly see I had nothing to do with it so now please unban me.

    check ur logs and compare to the date and timestamp and you will see how you just falsely accused me lmao also reinforces my point that nobody even saw me and u guys just assumed i was there cause i had a previous problem with the guy
  2. Falcon

    Falcon Active Member VIP Member

    He didn't assume, he quite literally saw you doing damage to the shop owner with an explosive in blogs, and Hitman witnessed it as FBI from the clothing store himself. This video of you just sitting in your base at a random time frame hoping our logs are gone is a terrible way to prove your innocence. Now if you showed in the video you getting banned at the end of it, sure that's some solid evidence, but this video does nothing and keep in mind; we can view deep storages of blogs, we can see shit from 2 years ago. So if I go back and conveniently see that your bomb went off 20 minutes before the time frame in the video, I'm making the ban permanent. I understand it's not fun getting banned, but accountability is the #1 key to being unbanned. If you know you screwed up, admit it; that's how and why 90% of the people who contact us about their bans, get unbanned. Crossing your fingers hoping we don't have the evidence to back up a ban is the worst thing you can do, because keep in mind, we can see just about everything. And if we for some reason can't, Killslick 110% can and it will never end well lying and thinking we're stupid.

    I will investigate this and come to a conclusion. Like I said, these were all bans made by Cvey. When an admin asks me to ban someone, it's because they already investigated. So this ban appeal will be the fine line determining yours or the staff's future on the server.
  3. bakasura

    bakasura New Member

    @bindy Hi Bindy, I actually don't know if I can leave comments on ban appeals, but I do have a small comment. I don't think anyones on a quest to cleanse the Martellos, the Martellos are more in-character than most people I deal with, myself included. However, the track record WITH the Martellos, is not a great one. I personally have had a couple of sour tastes in my mouth, while I can't name-drop a single instance due to memory, I have a presumption.

    I just think you guys need to take it easier on the aggression. There is a reason you are commonly in sits, and it is because you carry out a lot of aggressive acts, and perhaps not in the completely proper manner. I agree with Falcon, this is a poor excuse of an unban appeal, and I wouldn't be surprised if you mass RDM'd the moment you reconnected with all the other Martello's, and then left the server. If you want to be unbanned, put your best foot fo-- hell, put a single foot forward. Your appeal is passive-aggressive, a failed attempt at a con, and unlikely to be accepted, in my personal opinion. You'd be best off deleting it and just reconnecting in 4 days. Please don't think I'm being a biased asshole, I actually hardly know you nor care of the Martello's.

    tl;dr no caps doesn't look the greatest, the integrity is not there in the app, and it seems like you hardly care. if you don't, just wait 4 days, and clean up your act. maybe this will persuade you to continue on the straight and narrow so that they get off the Martello's case?? hope it works out dude.
  4. bindy

    bindy New Member

    If you actually read my post you would realize I asked you to compare your " deep logs " with the timestamp and date of the video. I'm specifically asking for it because I know I didn't do it, I am not trying to cover anything up. And whoever said I did is lying and so i would ask they be punished for lying but we both know that wont happen once you find out I had nothing to do with it. You can clearly see me log off and arsenio leaving.

    ALSO, these so called " deep logs " once you recover them I request you make the logs pertinent to this unban request PUBLIC to view , should you find them. I'm asking for this because i know you wont find them and im calling your bluff. I have no problem taking accountability for my actions, I do have a problem when i'm supposed to take accountability for something I had nothing to do with.

    I also believe, someone shouldn't be banned without fair trial or EVIDENCE. I understand its really cvey issuing the ban, but is it not unfair to be banned without proper evidence? Because I hope those who lied about my whereabouts and doings are punished in some aspect for the unfairness.

    The point of the video is for the timestamp and date that's the reason I posted it, is because it can easily determine if I was there or not. I actually find it quite funny that you think I am trying to cover something up rather than just prove my own innocence and of course you assume that cause you see me as a martello not a regular player on the server.
  5. bindy

    bindy New Member

    There are a lot of Martellos who get into sits sure, but as of currently I have only 1 warning on my record aside from this BOGUS ass ban, don't assume about me from my org. I have no problem dealing with the punishment as long as I actually did what I was accused of.
  6. bindy

    bindy New Member

    You also say " Now if you showed in the video you getting banned at the end of it " , I was banned while I was offline first of all, and I VERY CLEARLY, hit the quit button at the end of the screen lol
  7. bindy

    bindy New Member

    I already know how this is gonna go down, this is just gonna stall out until the end of my ban and stay on my record and be used as an excuse in the future .
  8. Falcon

    Falcon Active Member VIP Member


    I had to go to page 504 of the Storage to get this, but infact, 12 minutes before you DC'd (You're in EST, I'm in CST so it does match up) You threw a molotov at the shop that your friend dropped. Sorry the ban reason was copied and pasted, but the ban is still the same, you broke PeacefulRP via mollying someone's shop, and you had an AK on your back right next to clothing store NPCs making it a public crime. And now on top of this, you lied in an unban appeal. You were not AFK in your base, you may have been in your base during the time frame in the video you posted, but you were definitely at the shop mollying with those logs and 2 admin witnesses who were in RP right next to you.

    Like Turbo said before, we'd say re-apply in 2 days but just about by then your ban will be up.

    If you truly don't want to be seen as a minge, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from leaving the martellos. They have and always will be known as the biggest minge org in the server. There's absolutely 0 things staff can do other than be as unbiased as possible in staff sits in which yes, when Martellos make reports, they are taken seriously just like everyone elses. We've punished people in the past who minged on the Martellos, nothing is pushed aside or taken as a joke with a sit with a martello. But at the same time, 75% of our sits on a day to day basis when martellos are on, are including martellos, so it's not staff witch hunting trying to "clean the server of Martellos" because if that was the case, I'd have killslick look up the last name martello and every single person with that last name I would perma ban anyway with nothing to come out of it, because our regular players wouldn't even care.

    You can do better, we know who the trashtellos are, and who the decent ones are. You are not considered a minge at all, your org name in admin sits increases your chance of being banned because if you're in a big org with long-time players, we fully expect the long-time players to be teaching new players the rules and ensuring they stay out of getting banned.

    Ban appeal denied.
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