Accepted Report on Fail Gov officials

Discussion in 'Ban Request' started by jacthesnake1244, Feb 2, 2022.

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  1. jacthesnake1244

    jacthesnake1244 Active Member VIP Member

    Your Steam Name: [HZ] Cpl. jacthesnake1244
    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:34164994
    Your In-Game Name: Jacobs Standford

    Reported Player Information
    Steam Name: Super Thicc Boi
    The Gaming Architect
    (NOOB) Jesus Christ

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:157243669

    In-Game Name: Nick Cassini
    Nick James
    Dovan Jacobs
    Evidence (Required):

    Notes: basing as cop RDMing people for simple crimes not protecting and serving. Fail RP
  2. Nung221

    Nung221 Forum VIP Member

    I will start by saying that I and others in the video have done some crazy shit on the server, however, I do not believe this is fail at all. Below, I will go point by point describing and debunking your claims made above.

    As far as I'm aware, the mayor is allowed to have an office (defined at the bottom) or a place to stay while being mayor. The mayor is entitled to protection, in this case he request the police department assist in this duty as I'm not sure there were any SS (I did not see any). Much like if the mayor was taking refuge in the top of town hall (which has a much more dangerous defense system -- the elevator) players always/most times place props in the entrance of the the upstairs (as seen in the loading screen). In this case the mayor decided to purchase a much more spacious and luxurious living space for him to run the city. Furthermore, the mayor and the police undertook a building project like no other to keep his 'office' secure. So for the claims that cops were basing, this is simply untrue.

    On the charge of RDM, I say this; as I have been punished before for executing players without the mayors permission, I should know that to execute a citizen the mayor must approve/conduct a court case and find the person guilty and sentence them to death. In this case, it was a much more slimmed down process that resulted in instantaneous judgement / ruling that the players should be sentenced to death by firing squad. But to be serious for a moment, we (the mayor and PD) decided that it would be a very strict government in the ways of imposed law enforcement. Much like other mayors in the past have done, we had some crazy laws and actions for criminals making the case for RDM untrue.

    In regard to protecting and serving. Several times civilians attempted to assassinate the mayor. It is not out of this world thinking for the police to have an even stricter grasp on citizens after such an attack. Our job in this situation was to protect the mayor. And that we did; damn well I might add. And serving the citizens we did by executing the criminals deemed lawfully by the mayor. So on the case of the PD not protecting and serving, this is simply untrue.

    Finally, Fail RP. I mean... if the case presented above is not enough to change your thinking about this situation, I don't believe anything else I say will. Having said that, nowhere in the rules does it say that SWAT is not able to protect the mayor. And in real life, armed police much like swat in this game protect government officials. To go even further with that, the rules SPECIFICALLY specify that the mayor or chief can request the swat to respond to high priority calls. I think the situations regarding the mayor in the clips are high priority enough to have SWAT protect the mayor. In real life, chief of police' also hold a more political position than officers, making it not unworldly for the chief and mayor to be at the same 'office'. I would also add that in a case when the mayor does not have any other protection that the police department as a whole stepping in and assisting is not against the rules or laws of this server. After all the mayor is a honorable citizen of evo as well. Not just the people who try to kill him.

    All definitions below, when seen in the text above mean what is defined below. Do you understand¿

    Office, living space: A place for the mayor to reside, take refuge or conduct city business from.
    Mayor Protection, Protection, SS: a person, group of people or a department armed and supported by the government whose job it is to protect citizens of the city of evo.
  3. TURBO

    TURBO Active Member VIP Member

    Pending... we will look at all of this at our meeting on Sunday.
  4. TURBO

    TURBO Active Member VIP Member

    Accepted! Nick Cassini (Chief) will get a 1-week blacklist from the chief. Nick James (Mayor) will get a 1-day blacklist from mayor for fail RP and also being a corrupt government official.
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