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Discussion in 'Ban Request' started by Pain-Peko, Feb 12, 2022.

  1. Pain-Peko

    Pain-Peko New Member

    Reporter Information
    Your Steam Name: Pain-Peko
    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:27445766
    Your In-Game Name: Daryl Hemingway

    Reported Player Information
    Steam Name: Froot
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:52713677
    In-Game Name: Larry Lobster
    Evidence (Required):

    See Evidence below this post.

    Good Evening Everyone, tonight I was RDM'd and targeted for harassment by the user Froot(STEAM_0:0:52713677). One of his clan members attempted to enter my base and was killed. This clan member was the only one present at the time, so there is no way Froot could of known(in RP) who killed his organization mate. About 10 minutes later, as I am driving down the street, he shoots and kills me(We were not at my base, and I never identified myself). He later admits to metagaming in a chat after the fact when I confront him. He then goes on to state that he will continue to harass me just for the way I build my base(what he claims to be "prop block"). Honestly, toxicity like this is a scary sentiment for a re-budding community as it could potentially scare away new players. After reviewing the rules, with the evidence provided, I assert that he has broken the following rules:

    • Section A, Rule 4: "Do not be rude or toxic to other players" , See chat evidence.
    • Rules of Roleplay, Rule 1: "Do not 'Meta-game'", He openly admits to knowing I killed his clanmate in OOC
    • New Life Rule(Ties into previous rule), Rule 1: "WHEN YOU RESPAWN PRETEND YOU JUST JOINED THE SERVER FOR THE FIRST TIME AND KNOW NOBODY", This one is more on his clan mate that I killed, as he informed him of my identity and directed him towards me.
    • Random Death Match, X1

    Present at the time of the rule breaking was Lucifer McLovin(steam name and id unknown), who had actually harassed me and my friend yesterday, he blew up my friends car for no reason and also blew up my solar panels without the intention to raid. However, I did not have sufficient evidence at the time to report this, just adding this as a footnote.


    In this video there are two parts, 0:00 - 1:31 which is the inciting incident, and proof of me not prop blocking. and 1:32 - 2:18 in which I am RDM'd.

    I hereby agree, this is a legitimate ban request provided with legitimate evidence and understand if caught editing/modifying any evidence may lead to me being punished.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2022
  2. Nung221

    Nung221 Forum VIP Member

    Please provide a link to the footage from a well known source like YouTube. I have edited the ban request template to include this information.
  3. Fruit Snacks

    Fruit Snacks Active Member

    The absolute nerve of this guy, this guy is hunkered down in pp by himself in powerplant and didn't even own the property the property was unowned and had bitmining and all his props in there, he rdmed my org member and is salty that no admins were on to deal with it so it was dealt with by the players

    Ill take the hit for the meta game of his car knowing it was him, whatever, but this clown has the audacity to claim he is 100% innocent theres was multiple reasons why this event even happened. There was 4 other people with me, acting like i did this bymyself. Playing the innocent card real nice.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2022
  4. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    I am part of the said clan member who died. I did see him dead inside powerplant, unfortunately since your garage door was closed you couldn't see me, but I've seen you come close your outside gate and I did hide on that part not to be shot. Therfor I did inform Larry about this, I also saw your car parked there and did see your license plate, I could match that license plate. I did tell him a car that look just like yours was coming back, but haven't matched the plate, we can say that was metagaming on his behalf.

    Also, in real life, you wouldn't be able to shoot from that location with a shotgun no matters if you're crouched/laying.
  5. Pain-Peko

    Pain-Peko New Member

    Here you go:

    You and your ORG have no right to interpret the rules and in the absence of an admin "deal" with alleged rule breaking. You are not staff.

    These two statements contradict each other, either he knew (which you are cliaming) or he didn't (which he is claiming). Which is it? Perhaps there needs to be an adjustment to add a truth clause at the end of ban replies as well. Also, do you have any evidence to backup your statement? Because I didn't see you and I didn't hear you either (which I have a full recording of, with sound if needed). To go further, if I didn't hear you then you must of been quite some distance away, which, if that's the case I doubt you could of ID'd my plate(as after a certain distance they do not draw).
  6. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    How those these two statements contradict each other? I said the only information I gave him at the time he killed you was the make and model of the car and that I didn't validate that it was indeed you (knowing that there are a lot of toyota prius, it could of had been anybody but he did metagame the name on top of the car). Also, we were at chop shop, as you may of have heard the bunch of explosions, so yes, I was nearby and I did walk up near that fence to see both, my dead org member and your car, don't you have the video with sound? Cause there's seem to have no sound from YouTube. Man if I really need to start recording every game, god I'd better start investing in a 8TB hard drive at this point.
  7. Fruit Snacks

    Fruit Snacks Active Member

    First off why are not showing your entire screen in that recording, is it to zoom into ooc, cause if not thats strange, 2 you shot someone that wasnt even on your property because it wasn't even owned by anybody. Basing and building in an unowned property, man haven't brought up that one yet. Keep dodging that statement

    No sound, and not even your entire screen

    0:19-0:21 ,5 speed clearly shows property is unowned, trying to hide that bullshit get out of here
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2022
  8. Fruit Snacks

    Fruit Snacks Active Member

    proof from your own video and pretty sure that cade isnt even allowed and pretty sure it wasnt even supported properly breaking more basing rules

    Attached Files:

  9. Pain-Peko

    Pain-Peko New Member

    My entire window just wasn't in OBS, and I have never contested the fact that it was unowned (which as far as I can tell, isn't against the rules). On that side of the screen there is no pertinent info anyways. I also have a full demo of the situation as well if the admins would like it. I have nothing to hide.
  10. Fruit Snacks

    Fruit Snacks Active Member

    7. You cannot build inside another person's property without their permission. - Owned by the bank ?!?


    Above ALL rules, common sense is highly recommended for most rules and situations.

    You wouldn't build in an house for sell in real life, would you?
  11. Pain-Peko

    Pain-Peko New Member

    The bank is not a player, and maybe I was RPing as a bitcoin miner. Bitcoin miners in real life steal housing and electricity all the time. I do not think it is outside of the realm of common sense to think this rp situation is valid.
  12. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    Saying bitcoin miners can steal electricity is correct, but doing a quick google search on residential housing that was breaked in, and used for bitcoin mining, I couldn't find any reliable news about such event (98%+ of abandonned houses has no electricty in them), usually people steal electricity at their own places and not at someone else place. Also if you were to steal housing or electricty on someone property, you wouldn't bring your own couch inside, would you? So why bring your own props? When you do such things, you try to stay discreet and not park your car literally at that place. Maybe that's just me ... ?
  13. Fruit Snacks

    Fruit Snacks Active Member

  14. PaoLikePuppy

    PaoLikePuppy Active Member

    Since when you can do KOS. I enter unarmed.. Only when you shoot first then I pull out my pistol, You said FROOT RDM. in real life situation, When do people have guns you drive back and drive in-front of them to see what they are doing , yeah? They are preparing to raid someone. yet you drive back to park in-front of them staring at them for a solid 5 seconds before they shoot you. They would not want any witness to this raid.. If you drive away and get RDM I would understand better.

    On what froot say. If I remember correctly you cant build on unowned property.

    Lets stop posting on this and let the admin do the rest. argue on this doesn't change anything.
  15. Falcon

    Falcon Active Member VIP Member

    Just to clear something up:

    - You can live and base in an unowned property. It's commonly known as "squatting".

    This will be reviewed by B-Team at their meeting.
  16. Fruit Snacks

    Fruit Snacks Active Member

    Just go ahead and ban me I’ll be leaving anyway

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