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Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by frankie, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. frankie

    frankie New Member

    Ingame RP Name: Francesca Giovanni
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:170167704
    Date of Ban: 7/25/18
    Duration of Ban: Perm
    Reason Banned: Suspected user of Citzen Hack
    Staff member who issued the ban?: RayDaBeast
    Why should you be unbanned?: Never cheated on server, nor any intention too, cheated on DarkRP
    Notes: I was pretty much pushed into the hack by matthew631998 to get the cheat to use it on PERP his reason being that no one was ever caught and that i should use because i would never be caught, i just want to make it clear i never cheated on the server i had no intention it was meant to just **** around on DarkRp with i will provide ks with info to my acc for the hack so he may shut down the account himself, sorry if i dissapointed anyone in any way possible, have a nice day.

    proof of matthew leading me into it with the config for the cheat https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....259/6F314A7D851BA092E9C67813B9EDF56D6DE7CA9E/
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  2. ParalyzedTortoise

    ParalyzedTortoise New Member

    Frankie unban request.

    I believe that Frankie is being truthful about his statement of only using the citizen hack on Dark Rp for a very short time. I believe this statement because he has showed me proof of matthew631998 telling him to get citizen hack for Dark Rp and to use it on PERP but Frankie denied him and said he would only use it on Dark RP and ONLY non Perp servers. I understand that he should'nt have gotten the hacks at all, but he did only use it on a non PERP server. Frankie has completely deleted the citizen hack off of his computer and is waiting for Killslick to delete the citizen hack account all together. Like i said I think he deserves a talk to Killslick about what happened on his side. Thank you, and i hope this gets approved :)
  3. verse

    verse New Member

    I can't understand why frankie thought it was a good idea to purchase citizen hack to troll on other servers but to use them on a community in which I truly believe that frankie enjoys playing on seems extremely unlikely. His consistent play time and interaction with the community both in-game and on teamspeak proves that he has to much to lose if he gets permanently banned so I believe that frankie had no ill intentions of using cheats on hellzone servers. To buy into software which allows you to cheat in a game is fucking retarded but at this point frankie has learnt his lesson and will never do it again and should definitely be given a second chance.

  4. ThaT

    ThaT Active Member VIP Member

    Frankie has donated ALOT of money on this server and bought a bunch of people Diamond. I know that is unrelated and should not help him be unbanned but it goes to show you how much he truly cared about the server. I dont believe he was a hacker because every time i based with him he never killed someone with direct headshots or anything like that. He always killed everyone the same way we all do, no auto aim. Frankie may of hacked on a darkrp server which is not ok but i dont believe he hacked on here.

  5. Nobles 69 Camaro

    Nobles 69 Camaro New Member

    What I would like to say is this and this only. There should be a community gathering and talk about this matter and let Frankie him self explain what ever happend
  6. [HZ] RayDaBeast

    [HZ] RayDaBeast New Member VIP Member

    You flat out lied to killslick about not owning Citizen Hack. You also flat out lied saying that was not your citizen hack account link, and now your being honest after getting banned that you do have citizen hack? To be honest it was unexpected but that fact that you lied to everyone is honestly disappointing. I do not support liars nor hackers.
    Your unban request will be fairly reviewed by the staff team next staff meeting.
  7. mike v

    mike v New Member

    Frankie has been a constant nuisance on the server since the server has come back up. He has created so much drama and has made many people not want to play. Many of everyday morning players from Singapore such as Pao like Puppy, MindTLB, Wo0lf, etc are very fed up with him and his shenanigans. These are players that have been playing almost every single day since 2012, as well as myself. And for us to be fed up with someone on the server is a big issue. Frankie constantly breaks rules, disregards what admins tell him, metagames, etc. You can see on his youtube channel for yourself how he metagames in teamspeak with all his friends during an rp situation or a raid. They make no effort to use org chat or in game chat for any situation. When being raided the past 3 days in a row they had hitbox cades that they don't care about checking which an admin had to fix each and every time, they also kept closing garage doors, which the admin in ooc told them not to do but they still kept on closing the doors anyway and not listening to admins.

    If an admin tells you not to do something, you listen right? No frankie doesn't care. And all of you saying how "he sold so many vip he really supports the server", he obviously sold vip for in game money. There's no other reason why you would spend so much to sell vip. And he did it with his moms credit card because he's not old enough to work yet. Speaking of not old enough, he creates a huge outrage in ooc everytime he dies and cries "hacks" every time. It's pretty obvious to see he was fed up with "hackers" killing him so he bought hacks himself to use.

    Now on the fact of him lying straight to Killslick's face in teamspeak while ks was on teamviewer with him. That's just straight disrespect, if he truly "supports the server" like some of you are saying, he would be honest with the OWNER. Especially straight to his face, and would someone that "supports" use hacks? I don't think so. So you can use that excuse all you want. I could say I "support" the server because I spent more than anyone. I spent $600 in 2012-2013 alone, selling vip's, but I don't go around bragging that I "support the server" because of it. I support the server by playing on it and contributing to rp situation and creating rp situations. Not sitting on the server for 12+ hours in my base growing and not contributing to anything, which is waht frankie does. I probably haven't growin since january last time the server was up.

    It's a NO SUPPORT from me, Frankie hacks and causes too much drama on the server. It was nice and peaceful before he came back on last week and the server was getting around 60 players, I haven't seen it past 45 players these past few days.. I've also had friends unfairly banned because of the drama that he starts.

    Here is his youtube channel you can see how much he metagames in teamspeak plus him breaking the rules and not listening to an admin, also interrupting cop rp situations by just walking into a crowd of 4 cop cars like nothing is going on and metagaming who people are.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
  8. Patty Bags

    Patty Bags Active Member

    All i see here is hypocrisy, you do the same thing. You've had your fair share of bans, and i see nothing in this post that really has strength. All you do is sit in your base, grow and raid. Hell, youve been banned for rdm so many times as well. I doubt you have a very strong say in ban/unban requests. You call him a minge meanwhile everyone calls you a minge. All i see here is ignorance and the inflation of your ego. It seems like you post this just so you can talk shit like you constantly do, id rather not see you post anywhere on this forum. But of course it isnt my call. Your entire post is just straight up hypocritical and ignorant.

    Frankie has my full support in this, hes a decent person and not a complete shitbag

  9. [HZ] RayDaBeast

    [HZ] RayDaBeast New Member VIP Member

    You will be unbanned by the owner soon. I am sure he has talked to you regarding the procedure.
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