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    Unhappy Rocky's unban application. 24HOURS BAN - Little but I really wanna play...

    Ingame RP Name: Adam Dobrik
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32079838
    Date of Ban: 14:01
    Duration of Ban: 24 hours
    Reason Banned: Anti-AFK
    Staff member who issued the ban?: CaseOn
    Why should you be unbanned?: Cause I'm aware I was not away from keyboard, I did reply to police officer and medics who at first thought so, Then i got slayed like 5 minutes afterwards. I also did respond to /911 and robberies. but at that point there was none and alot of medics and police officers keept shooting eachother, minging around. So what did I do? I went to a location with no players and RP and start farming stamina. I then got slayed and I keept running cause fuck it, dont disturb me im watching The Witcher on another monitor, I got picked up. at that point i figured it was serious.. I stopped, looked at the staff member. then keept running and b-hopping. but still looking at him while doing it. One thing i can admit was probably I should have switched jobs but i did want to be a police still incase of more /911 or robberies. everything else was boring.
    Notes: Proof of this is probably me trying to connect to server like 3 seconds after the ban. And me getting on forums instantly and getting the discord and then tag PERP Staff there to let them know, I was not AFK. Just multitasking. I obv read the rules here to see if I did something wrong anyways, but I see nothing about it. only Anti-AFK script thingy, which I did not.. and Then i was told you cant do that as a police officer, well... I did respond to a /911 call during this, and then there was no more.

    More proof: Some medics and police officer keept bugging me and i responded to them, after them typing and shooting me. You can probably check this in the logs. I then proceeded to move my cruiser and hide it so I dont interrupt while farming stamina which is not against the rules but I still dont want to interrupt RP cause I hate it when people do it to me. A quick response would be nice cause after getting home from the doctor I would like to play again, And I think the worst this deserves a warning of some sort If i did something wrong, a 24 hours ban is a bit much especially when I've seen others do far worse without punishments. But I get it, sometimes Staff is biased towards their ORG members or friends on the server. and Since I'm new and joined today, bought gold today. It's easier to ban a new player. This ban was rushed.

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    Did you know CaseOn is the Owner right?

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