Ingame RP Name: Collin Francis

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:41314561

Date of Ban: 12/28/2019

Duration of Ban: 24hr

Reason Banned: using a bind in the casino

Staff member who issued the ban?: Sezzy (KS orders)

Why should you be unbanned?: I choose to stay in the casino and not be a midge like the rest of the population on the server. I don't bother anyone, I don't break general server rules like everyone else. I am just here to play. That is it. I'm not here to piss anyone off. Now look at the rest of the server.... 90% are here to just be complete midges. Not give a fuck about anyone having fun in the server, They love to ruin peoples time here. On top of that I feel like i'm already being punished.... I made 3k away from my computer in the bathroom and got 400k taken from my person. and another 600k in printers lost do to KS closing the lite rp server whale I as on it witch I was told I am not going to be getting back. 1m is WAY over any amount you can make in the casino with the 4day playtime that I have. Yah I broke a server rule with using a bind in casino. BUT there are so many other rules being broke by other players that slide under the radar all day that are much worst. Like the issue with half the server using citizen hack and not being detected. But going to ban the guy that minds his own business hanging out in the casino for hours on end. Doesn't make sense to ban the guy that isn't being a piece of shit in the server. specially for something that doesn't effect other players overall enjoyment of the server.

Notes: I understand I was warned for this but I don't feel like the punishment is fitting the crime with already losing 1m and a 24hr ban