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    Michael V Unban Request

    To whom it may concern,

    I was banned around February of 2019 for having my E key set to hold down while i was at the slot machines while I was away from my computer.

    When I heard the server came back up a few weeks ago I was excited, as a long time player since 2012 and a former admin for 2 years, I remember spending every summer and winter playing perp and having such a great time with friends.

    However I didn't feel like waiting and going through the whole process of trying to talk to Killslick to get unbanned. So I joined the server from another steam account.
    I got a little carried away and started minging by driving fast through city and not hitting the brakes if someone was in the street and cdming.
    I then got banned again under a different alias. Not gonna argue about what happened but basically I was warned the day before so I decided to play 100% by the rules and not do anything wrong. But these cops kept fail rping and rdming and cdming me. One of them followed me into car dealer and started shooting me so I killed him. Deerslayer happened to be watching this I guess and he immediately banned me because he stated that "he thought i was going to rdm the whole spawn line" Which I was just trying to kill the cop that kept rdming me. Anyways I made a few more accounts but my "friends" kept giving away that it was me so that I could get banned.

    Anyway I was so distraught because I envisioned spending most of the winter playing perp. As a former admin and player for 7 years I know all the rules and promise to abide by them. I hope you take this into consideration. I apologize for any trouble I have caused. I just want to play again on my original account as Mikey Amato my original name.

    Michael V

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    I think that you should be given one more chance but you see what kind of bothers me is you saying. You only wanted to play for the Winter. Which means if you don't have intention of staying what's to stop you from causing havoc again or trolling when you're about to leave.

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    Ban Appeal Accepted.
    Keep in mind we are not going to witch hunt you, however we will be watching you closely to ensure our players aren't being messed with and harassed by you. My only advise; stay away from the police. Just grow and chill. raiding and being a cop is the #1 way to get banned cause everyone complains about them, just chill out man.

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