Welcome to RealityRolePlay.com Administration Panel! Current Server Time: 02/20/2017 04:22 PM

steamid Player Name Unban time Ban Reason Banned By Date
STEAM_0:0:41048494 Purple 02/20/2017 07:50 PM No intent to rp | read the rules | cya [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:32021103 JB5 02/20/2017 08:35 PM DC to avoid arrest x4 | Re-read the rules when you come back [HZ]Pvt. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:1:41014684 ShoDooVahHoop 02/20/2017 10:44 PM Mass Rdm in spawn | Stay away | minge | read the rules [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:15081801 dat guy 02/20/2017 10:45 PM Racism | Minge [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:81450942 Badel 02/20/2017 11:26 PM B 4/4 - Straight up mingebag [HZ]Cpl. Code Monkey
STEAM_0:0:47659496 Mark the Great 02/20/2017 11:29 PM B 4/4 - SexRP is not allowed [HZ]Cpl. Code Monkey
STEAM_0:0:85656143 The Chosen One 02/22/2017 04:04 PM RDM THEN DC IN SIT killslick
STEAM_0:1:123255972 lol 02/23/2017 09:08 PM See I like Zombie Events killslick
STEAM_0:1:54295600 ♥ I LOVE BITCHYMAGS ♥ 02/26/2017 09:51 PM CDM x2 | Attempted CDM | Running for no reason | Fail 911s | Failing already after coming back from a ban [HZ]Pvt. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:0:104510162 SethPlayzHD 02/28/2017 04:25 PM failrp Open
STEAM_0:0:28744743 The Garden Gnome Molestor 02/28/2017 04:27 PM failrp killslick
STEAM_0:0:161019005 BlackWeb 03/02/2017 07:17 AM Fail to be truthfull Paypal killslick
STEAM_0:1:62532898 McSwag5 03/23/2017 03:44 PM Alt Of Jaxon killslick
STEAM_0:0:105421991 Evoc 03/31/2017 07:22 PM not wanted here for exploits and such killslick
STEAM_0:1:93309939 batista 03/31/2017 07:22 PM SCAMS killslick
STEAM_0:0:25433569 -=[PiC]=-Mr. Wee-a-Boo 04/09/2017 11:12 PM Paypal Fraud killslick
STEAM_0:0:162487350 PinkiePrincess 05/22/2017 11:49 AM chum Gone
STEAM_0:0:171628680 dracofamily 05/25/2017 10:13 AM HACKs found killslick
STEAM_0:1:170476007 shakejoltz 05/25/2017 10:14 AM HACKS FOUND killslick
STEAM_0:1:30477800 [HZ]-R Fogest 06/27/2017 09:18 AM PAYPAL ISSUES killslick
STEAM_0:1:15757583 Meatwad 07/04/2017 07:20 PM Trolls us then DDOS our server killslick
STEAM_0:0:28963143 Chase 07/11/2017 11:15 AM Trolls then hires DDoser to hit out server killslick
STEAM_0:1:174720883 zlic 07/11/2017 11:16 AM owner knows killslick
STEAM_0:1:41302796 rock n roll mcdonalds 07/16/2017 02:10 PM Hacks found killslick
STEAM_0:0:89483258 Bimo 07/17/2017 12:15 PM TOS break killslick
STEAM_0:0:41637223 DFG | TheVandal 07/21/2017 04:53 PM Not wanted killslick
STEAM_0:0:115363209 Eazy-E 07/23/2017 07:15 PM glitching Out
STEAM_0:1:161162372 roymond 07/23/2017 09:20 PM Hacks found killslick
STEAM_0:1:91750885 .night 07/23/2017 09:21 PM Hacks Found killslick
STEAM_0:1:10420400 ampreeT 07/23/2017 09:22 PM Hacks Found killslick
STEAM_0:1:6122271 craccrocc420 07/23/2017 09:23 PM Hacks Found killslick
STEAM_0:1:63396496 Mordy 07/25/2017 01:11 PM Never Learns killslick
STEAM_0:0:69234154 Doubt 08/12/2017 04:31 PM Reason Out
STEAM_0:1:61105835 BlueMist 08/21/2017 12:09 AM drama lol stay out killslick
STEAM_0:1:161975108 Times.King 08/27/2017 12:09 PM advert servers killslick
STEAM_0:0:57908397 Wasting Light 08/27/2017 12:09 PM adverting servers killslick
STEAM_0:0:43493083 EliteKillerDD | 精英杀手 | 09/01/2017 11:06 AM Paypal frauds killslick
STEAM_0:1:77873521 PG | Legitness 09/06/2017 06:18 PM Scum shit talker killslick
STEAM_0:0:77921214 PG | Flat Iron Joe 09/06/2017 06:18 PM shit talk LOL both PG SO DUMB
STEAM_0:0:29016340 Actes2 09/28/2017 01:16 PM PAYPAL FRAUD killslick
STEAM_0:1:52327317 Drifter 09/29/2017 10:22 AM PAYPAL ISSUES FRAUD killslick
STEAM_0:0:70090275 wren 09/29/2017 10:23 AM PAYPAL ISSUES FRAUD killslick
STEAM_0:1:67148646 Lean 09/29/2017 10:30 AM PAYPAL ISSUES FRAUD killslick
STEAM_0:1:119730540 t.w2 ALEX 09/29/2017 05:25 PM Used Paypal with no auth killslick
STEAM_0:1:104762062 love jasmin 10/04/2017 12:39 AM Perma Minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:56538916 ibJustin 10/04/2017 12:39 AM talk to owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:50129136 Agent Cuddles 10/04/2017 12:40 AM talk to owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:58623438 icTravis 10/04/2017 12:40 AM talk to owner killslick
STEAM_0:0:15435946 *Scott 10/04/2017 12:40 AM Scum Bag runs mouth shows his true maturity killslick
STEAM_0:1:37608135 gay retard 10/14/2017 11:51 PM Fail RP killslick
STEAM_0:1:79925464 To Be Continued 10/17/2017 04:11 PM trouble make comes in starts drama in our TS killslick
STEAM_0:0:17407888 Cogley 10/20/2017 07:14 PM FailRP after many times warned and DC killslick
STEAM_0:0:72889196 Harley Quinn 10/28/2017 09:28 PM Banned fat like WarPath for Failrp
STEAM_0:0:145849708 AuntJoMama 11/06/2017 09:08 PM DDOS threat us he because hates to RP killslick
STEAM_0:0:79198110 Logic 11/12/2017 02:46 PM Troll Cya [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:81062635 Master Chief 11/12/2017 02:46 PM Mass RDM CYa [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:50098644 Martello's 11/12/2017 02:46 PM Trolling | Come back when your ready | read the rules [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:33551643 Lurqq‏ 11/30/2017 03:14 PM ddoser and hacks found killslick
STEAM_0:0:179014677 bitchesmoneyweedallanigganeed 12/11/2017 09:38 PM alt [HZ]Cpl. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:175402616 Pray4PingGods 12/11/2017 09:38 PM Don\'t do drugs on the server / rdming / trolling killslick
STEAM_0:0:175954391 Kushnigga42 12/11/2017 09:38 PM Struck Out: RDM | Trolling | Lying to admins | 24Hours | ~Shrike | You know better [HZ]Cpl. ShrikeTheGod
STEAM_0:1:64933468 [HZ]-R Bye Bye 12/11/2017 09:39 PM ALTS MINGY RUDE ASF killslick
STEAM_0:0:90460102 JΛҚƐ 12/12/2017 06:21 PM FailRP again last time killslick
STEAM_0:0:170996733 SO WOKE 12/20/2017 09:01 PM CDM FailRP Going to Florida Bye
STEAM_0:0:16856341 Max 01/15/2018 11:16 PM fix account killslick
STEAM_0:1:20430691 daddy 01/30/2018 06:24 PM See it works killslick
STEAM_0:1:20766648 Lichetanuk 02/01/2018 10:11 PM Perma Delayed
STEAM_0:1:19580842 Paul 02/01/2018 10:20 PM Failrp and gliching trucks killslick
STEAM_0:0:201791502 Arkhoz 02/03/2018 11:30 AM Alt hacks found killslick
STEAM_0:0:5275 McSlayer 02/20/2018 03:57 PM Hacks Found killslick
STEAM_0:0:11481020 Earwax Permanent hacking [HZ] Sketter
STEAM_0:0:32290988 hellz gamerz Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:15141245 Permanent mass rdm
STEAM_0:0:15413529 Permanent hacks
STEAM_0:0:15507854 Ali P™ Permanent Scamming, lying, saying you are admin failing at all bye bye. [HZ]Wepnet
STEAM_0:0:15678442 Henri [FINLAND] Permanent fail all time told many times Aaron #p2d
STEAM_0:0:17104852 Trex Permanent Posting a player's IP address and stating his purpose is to DDOS. [HZ]-R Reyjakai
STEAM_0:0:34880537 Neato Permanent Mass PG trolls killslick
STEAM_0:0:18787847 Permanent adverts
STEAM_0:0:18816270 Waleze Permanent Bye Bye :D [HZ] Al Gore
STEAM_0:0:19340321 swat|GOD Permanent advertise system
STEAM_0:0:19356922 name changer Permanent name changer name charger
STEAM_0:0:19860661 AskingAlexandria4/20 Permanent avding ban ¤•¤[HZ]PVT.Lil_Live¤•¤
STEAM_0:0:19995979 (C.S.I) kamikazekidz [r] Permanent threatened to hack Joe
STEAM_0:0:21867383 Daff Permanent \\\minge Joe
STEAM_0:0:26757315 James0roll_ Permanent Complete Minge [HZ]Spc. Major Pain
STEAM_0:0:26970255 G.[Br] Tiozinho Permanent FAIL AT LIFE [HZ] Validheadshot
STEAM_0:0:2718519 teedeeoh Permanent Mingebag Joe
STEAM_0:0:28614059 Jwad Permanent Poor RP Harry clarke
STEAM_0:0:28828335 [CPA] Vladimir Lukanov Permanent Saying he will get an another player hacked BYE [HZ]Sgt. Wepnet
STEAM_0:1:44677843 Paz Permanent Struck Out ( Excessive Unrealistic Driving ) [HZ]Sgt. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:0:29934078 RelaxePlease fag Permanent SCAMS Owner
STEAM_0:0:3023955 Tupac Shakur Permanent Wallhacks, Aimbot. [HZ]Pfc. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:0:30560400 Darmok_Jalad Permanent Mingebag Joe
STEAM_0:0:65802937 Jello Permanent Minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:31911168 SB - seven Permanent advertise system
STEAM_0:0:54061526 [NS] SaintlyDemonic Permanent Minge and DDOSER killslick
STEAM_0:0:34143111 Travis Permanent General Idiot Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:35058719 SgtWiggles201 Permanent rdming in spawn of people logging in hahaugottrolledbyjoe
STEAM_0:0:36505286 Red Bull Permanent old ban System
STEAM_0:0:36637906 Xenops Permanent CDM [HZ]Sgt. IAteYourCat
STEAM_0:0:37533202 †๖ۣۜOFWGKTA† Permanent AK exploit nlr rdm Failrp Joe
STEAM_0:0:42265976 Sucka Permanent MASS RDM killslick
STEAM_0:0:85646316 B-Bone Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:37865160 Permanent hacks hacks
STEAM_0:0:38272819 LubeSter Permanent disrespect server Joe
STEAM_0:0:39101463 Brendan Permanent hacking [HZ].Sgt Demzo
STEAM_0:0:42306595 McLowe Permanent hacks [HZ]-Cpl. Tom
STEAM_0:0:6101325 ^7+^8ghost^7- Permanent CDM'd 4 people as cop, tried to talk to him, he left to avoid the ban, rejoined, and left again. Perma'd. Ser Gregory.
STEAM_0:1:110564 Permanent bad
STEAM_0:1:11268198 Permanent
STEAM_0:1:12150295 Hur går utvecklingen Permanent Poor RP [HZ] SSgt.Skittles
STEAM_0:1:12680454 Cookie crumb Permanent Random Molly, Fail RP, RDM. Erik
STEAM_0:1:12778599 FaeRcH Permanent FAILRP killslick
STEAM_0:1:1354939 Permanent steals info
STEAM_0:1:13987978 Trull Permanent System_found_hacks System_Scan
STEAM_0:1:14721387 Permanent adverts selling
STEAM_0:1:15937075 Hey Baby Permanent hacks and fail raids system
STEAM_0:1:1730949 bad news Permanent exploits and risk to users server
STEAM_0:1:6372520 Ethiopian Aids Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:1816051 Permanent
STEAM_0:1:19054074 lord mac nugget -[ZAP]- Permanent crashed hzkillslick
STEAM_0:1:19158061 Jack_ass Permanent posted personal info of users system
STEAM_0:1:1950107 no idea Permanent no idea no idea
STEAM_0:1:19733218 Permanent exploits exploits
STEAM_0:1:19796739 Yoinks Permanent Hacking [HZ] UltraUltimate
STEAM_0:1:19963258 . MCBGamer Permanent ASSHOLE [HZ]PVT.Lil_Live
STEAM_0:1:20027658 runfast w/e he is gone Permanent hacks system
STEAM_0:1:20318952 Armo702 Permanent Minge video evidence on fourms seen rdm proof no/me Jack Frost
STEAM_0:1:20598572 Permanent system kicked
STEAM_0:1:20673262 |PCW| NeoHatake Permanent Rule : No RDM [HZ].Sgt Demzo
STEAM_0:1:20684198 Bougau Permanent minge Joe
STEAM_0:1:23946737 Darkness Permanent hacks Come Join KILLSLICK
STEAM_0:1:24204574 kk/axx/cl Permanent MINGE!-.- [HZ].Sgt Demzo
STEAM_0:1:24208014 AndrewGBest Permanent hacking [HZ]Maj.cheezit|FPSB|
STEAM_0:1:24346494 Permanent hacks
STEAM_0:1:25064932 hitman Permanent System_exploited
STEAM_0:1:26340127 Mc xtremely politically Correct Permanent System_found_hacks System_Scan
STEAM_0:1:27502918 Legit Permanent System_found_hacks System_Scan
STEAM_0:1:27785718 Kamel Toe Permanent rdm failcop not listening to admin thatoneguy
STEAM_0:0:15433840 =[pG]=™ Abdul Permanent lol ok stay out poor RP killslick
STEAM_0:1:28779645 ExtraTerrestrial-Starfish Permanent puchwhoring as medic and nlr and minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:29346999 Bobah <3 silver Permanent Poor RP JOIN US ON PERP 3.5
STEAM_0:1:29690298 GOA.Captain42 Permanent ASSHOLE [HZ]PVT.Lil_Live
STEAM_0:1:30416345 Dr. Robotnik Permanent nope.mp4 Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:33465107 Sgt. Ben Dover Permanent hacks avoiding admins commands Joe
STEAM_0:1:34051586 Rabid Permanent failrp random molly rdm Joe
STEAM_0:1:36240383 Franco M Permanent minge lies to admin SpazzyMac
STEAM_0:1:105692720 Cynical Pears Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:37635737 Charlie Permanent Sethhack - Wallhacking [HZ] UltraUltimate
STEAM_0:1:37681134 Permanent
STEAM_0:1:37719687 BuzzytheBlue Permanent jMass RDM -'76-Ldm. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:37814279 AVoid^0 Spage Permanent Mass RDM Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:38454816 Permanent dos system
STEAM_0:1:38677580 -SDB- jp694 Permanent Hacking. [HZ]Pfc. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:1:39000242 ass Permanent fail pay system
STEAM_0:1:39062952 who cares Permanent minge whatever minge
STEAM_0:1:39547326 bobbyrandomdude Permanent Spam [HZ]IAteYourCat
STEAM_0:1:39945838 ☣ ḠЋØ§† ☢ Permanent left to avoid ban dced to save gun locked door durring raids Joe
STEAM_0:1:39962204 Champion Permanent Goodbye Shooting While Invisible - Sethhack [HZ] UltraUltimate
STEAM_0:1:40402651 NEW Permanent robo man
STEAM_0:1:41152155 Tyrannosaurus Permanent Random Deathmatch [HZ] Pvt.Wolfgang515
STEAM_0:1:42536437 D-R-E Permanent Mingebag Joe
STEAM_0:0:20738123 FlyingGoats! Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:1:42722325 DriedFruit Permanent You just didn't listen. You kept doing stupid stuff, and you were dossing people. Shame on you. [HZ]Pfc. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:1:5644400 Scouter Pie [1138] Permanent disrespected server minging EpicGamer{MLG}
STEAM_0:1:6183216 [CG]Swift Permanent System_scan_hacks_found System_Scan
STEAM_0:0:27068832 Car Permanent SathHacks [HZ]MSgt.Skittles
STEAM_0:1:16309663 Permanent hacks
STEAM_0:1:18955317 Permanent
STEAM_0:1:29226146 Kakashka949 Permanent Hacking [HZ]SSgt. Wepnet
STEAM_0:1:15778113 HAARP Permanent Hacking [HZ]SSgt. Wepnet
STEAM_0:1:41867286 Permanent hacks
STEAM_0:1:1849203 Permanent
STEAM_0:1:46966330 How does that make you feel? Permanent System found hacks System
STEAM_0:0:33378793 Toasty Bob Permanent left to avoid ban 2 times from past weeks, make an appeal [HZ]Cpl. Joe
STEAM_0:0:3260236 Permanent fail and threats
STEAM_0:0:31297727 The Saiph 1 Permanent Mad cuz bad, gg cheez-mas-it
STEAM_0:0:28838579 XxZaKxX Permanent You have been warned for Months about Perma Banning. I gave you a warning. Enough fail RPing. Every wrong action has its consequenses. Good Bye. [HZ]SSgt. Pain
STEAM_0:1:40169497 BearTrucka Permanent Killslicks Orders (Permabanned) [HZ]Pvt. HawkMan
STEAM_0:1:41037944 Driftz Permanent Killslick said. Howudoin7445
STEAM_0:1:35890721 $ Money $ Permanent Spammer Acecool
STEAM_0:0:26956200 Beckett Permanent Don't come back. [HZ]SSgt. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:41206752 Nick1021 Permanent <3 [HZ]SSgt. Kinslayer
STEAM_0:1:33289438 An Anonymouse Person Permanent Aimbot, RDM, and Parkour. Video Evidence supports. Thank you. [HZ]Cpl. KillPact
STEAM_0:0:36900384 Fanatic Permanent DDos. [HZ]SFC. Wepnet
STEAM_0:0:17776505 Kohaine Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:0:40559060 Redrum Permanent Wall Hacks, No Recoil Adventure
STEAM_0:0:18632418 Permanent paypal exploiter and all around troll
STEAM_0:1:15294162 AfroBlacknessEC Permanent hacks, glitching, walling, solo counter, killing in safe, goodbye. [HZ] SSgt. Tom
STEAM_0:0:13586327 Jacob Permanent Molotov / Lockpick Exploit Ban Evade [Permaban] [HZ]Pvt. HawkMan
STEAM_0:1:24410516 Kirie Kojima_^ Permanent Nope [HZ] Sgt. Sketter
STEAM_0:0:14452133 ddos Permanent ddos ddos
STEAM_0:0:32054045 DICKBAG99 Permanent Random Deathmatch Kinslayer
STEAM_0:0:46676890 The Jello Jew Permanent Massive RDM, Aimbotting [HZ] Sgt. Sketter
STEAM_0:0:41961819 adverting servers Permanent adverting servers adverting servers
STEAM_0:0:11183272 Permanent adverts averts
STEAM_0:1:26693163 TOXIN Permanent Avoiding punishment (From Sgt. Pain) [HZ]Cpl. KillPact
STEAM_0:0:42076475 ۣۜRose Permanent [HZ]Sgt. Anon
STEAM_0:1:46878447 Reaching Permanent RDM and Hacks wombo
STEAM_0:1:42297594 battycoolkid Permanent Selling hacks on our server through advert Sharps
STEAM_0:1:1209672 Gelio Permanent SPOOFING IP bobwho
STEAM_0:1:8343226 Permanent ddos
STEAM_0:0:13251708 President Hitler Permanent admin disrespect, racisim, RDM, complete fail [HZ]Cpl. Crona
STEAM_0:0:32816200 Mark Permanent Speedhacking Virus
STEAM_0:1:15199144 Killslick Permanent using owners name asked to remove killslick
STEAM_0:1:91473 KennyB Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:43931546 Shiptar Permanent Apparently you havent learned yet. [HZ]SSgt. KillPact
STEAM_0:0:25399184 Ninjawaffle Permanent Majorly Exploiting (Permabanned - Make unban request) Hannagen Winkles
STEAM_0:1:17041504 WOAH Permanent seth hacks pce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [HZ] Sgt. Sketter
STEAM_0:0:27996438 [DyN] JpRcOOl [NOR] Permanent Fail mollying a store without /meing. [HZ]SSgt. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:1:15748061 DubStepper Permanent ALT of WOAH Bobwho
STEAM_0:1:43022573 FBI Permanent ALT of WOAH Bobwho
STEAM_0:0:36040190 make violence not war Permanent Sethhacks detected, FBI reported, Mother called. [HZ]Cpl. κıʟʟנσч
STEAM_0:0:40541012 hit man don 560 Permanent lamer story teller system
STEAM_0:0:13998128 Fantom Drivers Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:38256371 -hg- Boomhouzer Permanent REASON TO BE HERE? system
STEAM_0:1:32540524 Bart Simpson Permanent Threats to ddos players and hacks system
STEAM_0:0:19853426 B.I.T.C.H Permanent Involved with hacks and ddos server and players system
STEAM_0:0:48984474 lCóóki€ Mónst€rl Permanent Hacks are against server policy [HZ]Cpl. κıʟʟנσч
STEAM_0:1:42074547 Rabbit Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:1:26415502 Karmahhhh Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:29370792 t.b Permanent glitching busted/Hacks system
STEAM_0:0:32471536 [SNG] Detective Jake Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:41799917 Someone4956 Permanent System found hacks system
STEAM_0:1:15574365 dot da Permanent threats system
STEAM_0:1:24413062 Teh Penguin Permanent GLITCHING system
STEAM_0:1:40774557 Fast Permanent HACKER/GLITCHER bobwho
STEAM_0:0:48346538 Sir.Genome Permanent hacks [HZ] SFC. Tom
STEAM_0:1:10794663 Charizard Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:36227104 lassi555 Permanent Running/Spamming commands(Possible exploiter) [HZ]MSgt. Wepnet
STEAM_0:1:47029807 ⓢⓞⓓⓐ Permanent System_found_hacks system
STEAM_0:0:13419022 dick strips Permanent punchwhore, minge, and fail name [HZ]Cpl. Crona
STEAM_0:1:46480534 EmoXtasis Permanent TRIED HACKING US system
STEAM_0:0:7971757 l FOG l Šġţ. ĦęăđŠħò Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:1:13263944 max Permanent recruiting - plus RDM killslick
STEAM_0:0:25470945 Lonesome Magician Permanent SethHack User System
STEAM_0:0:13656641 dropthemJAYS Permanent glitching second account found system
STEAM_0:1:48173021 Crocodile! Permanent glitch system
STEAM_0:0:27413348 Xyven Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:0:16046716 DJ Quick Permanent nice rdming a admin dipshit, Massive RDM, Massive Fail-rp, Banned 2 weeks ago for the same thing. PEACE!!!!!!!!!! [HZ] Sgt. Sketter
STEAM_0:0:46481061 Hey 2 Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:1:10457218 Hey Permanent Dropping like flies system
STEAM_0:1:32126480 $$$ Seek and Destroy $$$ Permanent vBAI [HZ] SFC. Tom
STEAM_0:1:25236557 Frosty La Rue Permanent Racism. Appeal to the forums. [HZ]Cpl. TheThrown™
STEAM_0:0:34424553 LSD | End of Silence Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:47092392 Sx0u!? Permanent Glitching bobwho
STEAM_0:1:34721136 coolmouse19 Permanent SETH-HACKING bobwho
STEAM_0:0:7140836 MAD MAX Permanent glitched system
STEAM_0:0:26692186 Hunger Johnson Permanent GLITCHING system
STEAM_0:0:30874190 Pez Permanent GLITCHING/Hacks system
STEAM_0:0:7798869 Mr. Top Cat Permanent GLITCHING/Hacks system
STEAM_0:1:12415589 Rileyman Permanent Speedhacks. [HZ]SSgt. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:0:12167025 kzESTI Permanent hacks found system
STEAM_0:0:47267621 Vacoliam Permanent Fail Adverting system
STEAM_0:0:39963327 Morrisj Permanent butt fucker system
STEAM_0:0:21628567 Pew Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:1:30238487 Elongated Shrimp Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:39912071 red Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:14385382 Gimli Permanent glitching system
STEAM_0:0:47634333 Browning Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:48249956 Boss Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:13737877 oG] Duck McQuack (PWN G) Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:25624107 Ray Lemons Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:31088019 ^legioN Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:11605357 Cabooze Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:36053651 Norzone Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:32400158 papouxxl Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:25931266 =HkG= The Death Dragon [G-Land Permanent Scammer paypal system
STEAM_0:0:25830774 - Bast Permanent disrespecting admins, fail molly, repepative mic spam [HZ]Cpl. Crona
STEAM_0:0:33147875 The Opal Prince Permanent SethHack User Insect
STEAM_0:1:20394702 Roqj Permanent Fail Adverting system
STEAM_0:0:33400717 -=FAT=- (Admin) LickinLime69 Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:47774070 Permanent glitches
STEAM_0:1:33405456 Karnix Permanent Advertising porn sites Scotch
STEAM_0:0:18980599 formatme#TERA ONLINE Permanent Fail Adverting system
STEAM_0:1:26948779 «[iF] Kurupt» Permanent DDOSR system
STEAM_0:1:43256066 Companion Cube Permanent SCAMMER [HZ]Spc. Boxtop
STEAM_0:1:35258634 D4 P/23D4T0/2 Permanent HACKS AND NOW DDOS system
STEAM_0:0:10230123 g unit Permanent found hacks system
STEAM_0:1:42191758 Dade Permanent Constant Mic Spam. [HZ]SFC. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:0:17563268 PIANOSpeed Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:30281318 MajorPiggy Permanent RDM Minge Mic spam [HZ] GEN Peligro
STEAM_0:1:5951259 Silent Permanent PAYPAL SCAMMER FRAUD killslick
STEAM_0:0:35894357 PeDoeN Lars Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:46065033 bloby Permanent Constant fail. No hope for you. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:1:33830870 bastet Permanent Fail at RP killslick
STEAM_0:0:15090491 Stealth1304 Permanent FAIL AT LIFE system
STEAM_0:1:20280169 bat Permanent hacks system
STEAM_0:1:17229042 Chester Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:40018192 The Pravus Permanent Goodbye, Another Hacker is GONE Scotch
STEAM_0:0:33756415 -PG-Blackwolf26 Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:35036436 FaZe ^7 Quick ^5 Scope™ Permanent THREAT TO HACK DDOS PPL killslick
STEAM_0:0:31925018 ONLY YOU Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:29003134 Jedi Negotiator Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:20102730 Souper (Snackpack) Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:38010792 ✘ Nate ✘ Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:45046782 ChopperMan49 Permanent fail adverting system
STEAM_0:1:3820407 Sodomyclown Permanent Colby friends again Hacking exploiting killslick
STEAM_0:0:3802430 Stale cialis Permanent hacks [HZ] MSG. Tom
STEAM_0:0:31219365 James Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:19765316 Erko Permanent CONTACT US system
STEAM_0:0:22091743 Jessy Doyle Permanent massrdm [HZ]-SFC. Where's Waldo?
STEAM_0:0:38472890 christarantula Permanent adverting system
STEAM_0:0:48337568 =(e)=™ Noiz Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:0:20985962 Inigo Montoya Permanent Being a racist cuntbag. Gerald
STEAM_0:1:39479578 «| IG |» THE PRO GAMER Permanent you suck. dont insult our server you butthurt CUNT [HZ]Sgt. Crona
STEAM_0:1:16650255 COMBOBREAKER Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:44958803 Mapl Permanent glitching busted system
STEAM_0:1:3931590 Munken:# Permanent Threats to DDOS PLAYERS system
STEAM_0:0:45438748 STEAM_0:0:45438748 Permanent fucked Killslick, Warning for scammers
STEAM_0:1:43685432 mathew webb [M.B] Permanent Colby\'s friend sent in to hack mass kill killslick
STEAM_0:0:54761567 [XFG] Satan Lucifer Permanent PAYPAL SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:0:15512531 Kushed Out93 Permanent You've run out of chances. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:1:37335122 (1) Permanent hacks Killslick, Warning for scammers
STEAM_0:1:29184051 RKS | MDReckless Permanent More Colby BS with Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:29640206 [-FX-] PedoBear Permanent Fail at RP RDM killslick
STEAM_0:1:38456350 Kris Layton Permanent hacks [HZ] MSG. Tom
STEAM_0:1:49516496 Blazen Permanent 99999999999999999 killslick
STEAM_0:0:13705339 Murkanator Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:49736193 Doc_spud Permanent Horrible cop. [HZ]MSG. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:1:29628196 Senzy Permanent adverting killslick
STEAM_0:0:34731259 I love Mr.Moon Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:41937129 Dark Cocaine Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:15607614 [P - RP] Huffmeister Permanent glitching busted killslick
STEAM_0:1:8114948 drake Permanent mass RDM [HZ]Cpl. Urban Ninja
STEAM_0:0:26325272 bubba Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:60068565 Notoriety™ Permanent Struck out [ HACKS] System
STEAM_0:1:20891913 Vincter Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:42961553 anthony sottile Permanent exploiter killslick
STEAM_0:1:37548052 Midnight Dank Permanent insulting me many times, being a general maggot. m killslick
STEAM_0:1:40332298 =IG=Doctor Whooves Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:21967375 †ßradley† Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:28757742 hehehe Permanent fail all around Killslick
STEAM_0:1:20219592 Ruben Rapist Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:43862910 (qc) blood Permanent he does this to make us look bad PERMA killslick
STEAM_0:1:46757816 [FORBIS]spacecore Permanent #[03/10/12 20:14:54] [FORBIS]spacecore (STEAM_0:1:46757816) Ran: crash_server [HZ]SFC. Acecool
STEAM_0:0:4948720 furioso Permanent lol ok killslick
STEAM_0:0:22796008 Taserz Permanent Struck out [BANNED PAYPAL SCAMMER/EXPLOITER] System
STEAM_0:1:47017733 (bh)FAMAS Permanent Mass RDM. Troll [HZ]Cpl. Motion Flex
STEAM_0:1:33343335 ARMO PRIDE Permanent ssssssss killslick
STEAM_0:0:6019372 William shakespeare Permanent exploiter told was going to ddos killslick
STEAM_0:1:42261968 Kazuya Mishima Permanent just because YOU FAIL SO MUCH killslick
STEAM_0:1:37018013 |J|O|K|E|R| Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:31021968 =OMLG= Robbeem1 Permanent job hope and rdm left server killslick
STEAM_0:0:17098659 Holograph Permanent fail all aroundReason Killslick
STEAM_0:1:48712671 The Aulios Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:12681987 MostWantedPwnz Permanent GoodBye bobwho
STEAM_0:1:41052040 Gambino Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:2596995 Connor - LF rp server Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:47199453 Team_MC Permanent I'm done with you. [HZ]MSG. Reyjakai
STEAM_0:1:12107173 [HZ] Cpl. DustAlphaQ Permanent Community Treason bobwho
STEAM_0:0:39589310 big sant,doog _-1-_ Permanent Fail at RP RDM mass rdm killslick
STEAM_0:1:41634828 »MP« Nathan www.masterpwn.com Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:40319495 RattSplat Permanent FAIL [HZ] MSG. Tom
STEAM_0:0:29070825 Monoleg Permanent just because YOU FAIL SO MUCH killslick
STEAM_0:1:25140135 vG|HyperBCS Permanent Hacking a members account bobwho
STEAM_0:1:44910296 ЯΛPΣ ƬЯΛIП [ПӨ BЯΛK Permanent Fail at RP RDM CDM left server killslick
STEAM_0:0:18699999 Pickle Delivery! Permanent Fail at RP killslick
STEAM_0:1:53094114 ^Sleeping(4)DEATH^! Permanent spam StartNewLife
STEAM_0:1:22582910 .:[AN] Zaragar Permanent just scum you see killslick
STEAM_0:1:24220040 [Ultimate}{itman/Metallica] Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:25481027 adam360x Permanent Admin Panel [HZ]WO1. Pain
STEAM_0:0:24370331 DOOM COON Permanent just because YOU FAIL SO MUCH killslick
STEAM_0:1:46929390 KuKuMaLu Permanent Going on ALTS, spamming mic as Police. Disguising himself. We know who you are. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:42598328 HZ Underscore Permanent KNOWN DDOSER SENDING INFO killslick
STEAM_0:1:8701341 [NV] ForceGhost @ Coding Permanent Racism Spam Rated X
STEAM_0:1:37545924 [DevS] Amaru Permanent glitching [HZ]Sgt. Justin Black☭
STEAM_0:0:39844640 vildezz Permanent Fail at RP MASS RDM killslick
STEAM_0:0:7095639 naknaknaknaknaknak Permanent Fail at RP RDM killslick
STEAM_0:1:24223185 Silent Death Permanent advertising servers and spam cpt.hubba killslick
STEAM_0:0:49963094 toaset Permanent hack Wow we got um
STEAM_0:0:5314499 Sebastian Permanent just because PAYPAL SAID killslick
STEAM_0:0:45523007 wD. DarKness Permanent Molotov Exploiting [HZ]Sgt.
STEAM_0:0:29529449 |GMC||ertug2|CHH| Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:51119996 Good To Be Back-State Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:43988463 State Trooper Permanent just because YOU FAIL SO MUCH killslick
STEAM_0:1:28144040 WizzeR Permanent LOL CHILD YOU WILL NEVER HACK killslick
STEAM_0:0:23913780 [PG] Tempesto Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:44848305 dG | Chrisp Permanent dont bother us killslick
STEAM_0:0:25114364 Dr.Nope|TwinkleMan Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:53113155 leathl721 Permanent minge adverting killslick
STEAM_0:1:38214516 [Labotomy] Zexion Permanent recruting and problems killslick
STEAM_0:1:33948569 ndawg Permanent contact us paypal issues killslick
STEAM_0:1:28895156 ♫Ðonny ♥♥♥ Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:18538746 Caitlin Permanent TROLL from corey killslick
STEAM_0:0:29205771 {TPM} POOTIS Permanent fail [HZ]
STEAM_0:0:30256551 Cyphy Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:39735344 [HZ]-Owner derpasaurus rex Permanent Fail RP minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:10096337 jappanini Permanent FAIL RP killslick
STEAM_0:1:19084184 G-Force Connections Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:25270338 Waffle Permanent You will need to explain to killslick how you got banned. [HZ]SSgt. KillPact
STEAM_0:0:43877267 Mr. Goodman Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:41462739 [Labotomy] ABL Permanent recruting and problems Known DDOSER killslick
STEAM_0:0:41827390 DARKLY | The Brother Pyro Permanent bad troll killslick
STEAM_0:1:37159152 ๖ۣۜTnT ๖ۣۜTiger Permanent Fail at RP killslick
STEAM_0:0:29309265 -=LR=-Zig Zag*Co.Ldr Permanent just because PAYPAL SAID killslick
STEAM_0:0:36894842 Martin Permanent DDOSER killslick
STEAM_0:1:42446233 [HZ]-Fan ManiACTom Permanent fail rp then said I will DDOS SERVER killslick
STEAM_0:1:43679264 rollinroyce14 Permanent ddos us and fail killslick
STEAM_0:1:30765769 :NxS: R-Drizzle-In-My-Nizzle Permanent Struck Out ( Super Fail, Running at gunpoint, Punchwhore, come back later when you learn how to read the rules ) [HZ] MGEN Bob Who?
STEAM_0:1:27532339 [ECHO] PapaSmurf Permanent Minge RDM MASS RDM killslick
STEAM_0:1:20182531 Ricky██ Permanent racist on server then disconnect killslick
STEAM_0:0:37028051 ¤DLq¤™ Killer2 Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:22097298 ;333 Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:4297793 PLHH Permanent Fail at RP RDM MASS RDM WARNED MANY TIM killslick
STEAM_0:1:22767118 GFL-CPL_DiStRicT9 Permanent GFL IS ALL BANNED killslick
STEAM_0:1:4285290 [HZ]-Fan Blazers Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:40052892 [HZ]-F Abhay Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:40923216 BackLight Permanent crashing server killslick
STEAM_0:1:3326612 Killbot Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:19408171 [Labotomy] Uli Permanent recruting and problems killslick
STEAM_0:1:33441739 [Labotomy] Snoop Dogg Permanent recruting and problems killslick
STEAM_0:1:8763448 <(EsC)> Permanent advert pr0n WHAT
STEAM_0:0:33757393 Jesus Is Lord Permanent Struck out [Struck out [Struck out [Your info will be posted if you keep it up]]] System
STEAM_0:0:34348139 [Labotomy] Yasha! Selling BF3+M Permanent recruting and problems killslick
STEAM_0:0:5398706 [Labotomy] Denni Permanent recruting and problems killslick
STEAM_0:1:41511056 Rain Jr. Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:44638447 ๖ۣۜDemersus Permanent fail rp then DDOS SERVER killslick
STEAM_0:1:34061291 Elmer J. Fap Permanent Adverting PERP server. PERMA Mickey
STEAM_0:1:20431003 Crazy Ivan Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:40128376 Fini Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:17853109 Heinrich III von Hohenlohe Permanent just stay away killslick
STEAM_0:0:37414157 [HZ]Fan. iNMATe Permanent Speed hacking [HZ]Cpl. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:0:51599729 griffq Permanent recruting and because killslick
STEAM_0:0:20539102 Seangil Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:18700046 leeroy Permanent Contact us! bobwho
STEAM_0:0:33755831 Xeroc(was HZ) Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:28402706 mojomad Permanent left when i went to him he done killslick
STEAM_0:0:24112634 lance347 Permanent CONTACT US Paypal issue killslick
STEAM_0:0:28472930 Dimentio Permanent Fail all around problem just ban his fucking ass killslick
STEAM_0:0:18259561 ledjohnny Permanent Struck Out ( Admin Disrespect ) [HZ]Cpl. Commissar_Drew
STEAM_0:1:34761571 Krossy Permanent PAYPAL ISSUES killslick
STEAM_0:1:24874652 Nintonito Permanent real fail rp and minge everytime time to go killslick
STEAM_0:1:15757083 Blacky McBlackerson Permanent DDOSER killslick
STEAM_0:0:87908027 Gangstagrandpa23 Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:40479939 Cloud Permanent Claiming he will DDOS admins bobwho
STEAM_0:0:17292360 halojam Permanent fucking troll killslick
STEAM_0:1:42143220 [EE]LIL_CAP12 THE WOLF Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:5220045 [EE] EclipticElement Permanent Fail at RP RDM left server killslick
STEAM_0:0:47504528 Marques || AWP Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:30980955 Wyatt <3♕мι¢нєℓℓє Permanent Alt of Zoidberg bobwho
STEAM_0:0:13068671 s22[[[ Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:40836015 |Cpt| ќќDorugamonќќ Permanent Claiming he will DDOS [HZ] Members bobwho
STEAM_0:1:32583545 *ßållïñツ Permanent alt of rollinroyce14 ddos us killslick
STEAM_0:1:7669429 Skrubbin Permanent CONTACT US Paypal issue killslick
STEAM_0:0:15835231 Blazed Panda Permanent recruiting killslick
STEAM_0:0:19918559 Burglar Bars Permanent racist - killslick
STEAM_0:0:5685772 Somexgewdiies Permanent solo raid after tol seafood
STEAM_0:1:49189181 Brysh Permanent fail seafood
STEAM_0:0:63148949 [HZ]Pvt. Oscar Permanent scum killslick
STEAM_0:0:34138230 Horizinja Permanent your done post un ban you kill just for weapon killslick
STEAM_0:1:18428802 Ace Permanent opps we know contact us killslick
STEAM_0:0:23401544 ṦђựĐ (-̮̮̃•̃) Permanent alt account killslick
STEAM_0:1:47531613 -pg- Magical Permanent CONTACT US Paypal issue killslick
STEAM_0:1:26978029 Red Mist Permanent DDOSER SCUMBAG killslick
STEAM_0:0:5937929 -Mista-420! Permanent i said killslick
STEAM_0:1:41121397 TheSpy7 Permanent [HZ]Cpl. Commissar_Drew
STEAM_0:1:34006619 General Damon Permanent BANNED PAYPAL contact us killslick
STEAM_0:1:48073051 dylaniso1 Permanent CONTACT US Paypal issue killslick
STEAM_0:0:15011241 LATEESHIQUA Permanent Idiot, go be stupid somewhere else. [HZ]SSgt. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:50627884 MastaWho Permanent Advertising, total fail. Stay off the server. [HZ]Spc. Sheriff Mykietyn
STEAM_0:0:24089195 [HZ]Pfc. Tony Badger Permanent troll killslick
STEAM_0:1:42784804 Neil Permanent watch out looks like he working for vg perma ban killslick
STEAM_0:1:17816526 |Gøødløve| TeShawn Permanent Racism bobwho
STEAM_0:1:13421487 Chocolate Starfish Permanent Racism bobwho
STEAM_0:1:86251359 Badman Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:42459545 The Shit Bandit Permanent Haha I win bitch [HZ]1SG. Pain
STEAM_0:0:19236993 Aceiam Permanent fishy ddoser maybe been reported contact us killslick
STEAM_0:0:34732295 copperhorse Permanent Alt Account bobwho
STEAM_0:0:9161920 Boom Permanent Contact Us bobwho
STEAM_0:0:37319288 -pg- Rain Permanent contact us killslick
STEAM_0:0:14689799 | ҉ ٩DamnedOne٩ ҉ | Permanent banned contact us killslick
STEAM_0:1:1486564 Chessnut Permanent not wanted killslick
STEAM_0:0:52074801 Loweski Permanent Paypal issue Contact us killslick
STEAM_0:0:53020364 XxVengencexX Permanent minge and spam servers all the time killslick
STEAM_0:1:52869958 patrick sweasy Permanent just because punch whore killslick
STEAM_0:0:14807885 √AL Permanent glitch [HZ]GOA.Killslick
STEAM_0:0:47622206 NINTENDO BIATCH Permanent Mass rdm Look at profile he is scammer killslick
STEAM_0:0:86424 nefarious Permanent i said killslick
STEAM_0:1:21823237 XAlucardRulezX Permanent stay away racist trouble maker killslick
STEAM_0:0:15273811 Ragy Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:6020576 jamel Permanent Fail, have fun trolling. [HZ]1SG. Pain
STEAM_0:1:22599010 Polizer Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:37832053 Zarxel Permanent Contact US killslick
STEAM_0:0:14570029 I fap with my left hand Permanent just because killslick
STEAM_0:1:16521037 lQIGl PedoBear Permanent no advert and contact me killslick
STEAM_0:0:38268180 |QIG|Mercenary lord Permanent Not cool contact us issues in paypal killslick
STEAM_0:1:39873971 Shitty server Permanent Disrespecting Server, Etc. [HZ] SFC. shc-boomer
STEAM_0:0:8031824 Rain Permanent Contact us killslick
STEAM_0:0:12303116 [FG] Heinrich [ BeztDesigns ] Permanent alt accounts killslick
STEAM_0:0:37590341 Boss Permanent i said killslick
STEAM_0:0:33650371 Screambotzor Permanent underscore crew starting shit killslick
STEAM_0:1:43937789 Okie :) Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:38018800 crysis Permanent cya we dont want any killslick
STEAM_0:1:43405869 [DP3] ds2198 Permanent opps nope contact me killslick
STEAM_0:0:46818067 =[pG]=™ Sexy Bear Permanent poor RP killslick
STEAM_0:1:30026748 Purple Permanent ddoser killslick
STEAM_0:1:20515109 Gaming_Unlimited Permanent crashing server Hi Ryan
STEAM_0:1:41788578 xFG| DustinOsb Permanent opps we know contact us killslick
STEAM_0:0:4844297 =[pG]=™ PanDa TimEᴴᴰ GG Permanent poor RP killslick
STEAM_0:0:22065309 Al Gore Permanent stay away troll killslick
STEAM_0:1:42150122 [SFT] FrozenSicle (Aaron) Permanent Minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:13762743 ๖ConkersღNeko Permanent Tried to Hack/Exploit IPN killslick
STEAM_0:1:45491571 Darkus Permanent CONTACT US Paypal issue killslick
STEAM_0:1:41690699 [HZ]Pfc. TripleX Permanent byebye adverting servers killslick
STEAM_0:0:46747311 Falcon Permanent alt abdl killslick
STEAM_0:1:17431725 [HZ]Sgt.♫RichSaver Permanent admin abuse killslick
STEAM_0:1:41307957 UberHaxCool Permanent MASS RDM fail then left to avoid 5th strike killslick
STEAM_0:1:25248921 Klob Permanent to many chances 6 bans later say goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:0:20701023 A Hungry Zombie Permanent your not nice to people paul
STEAM_0:0:15439761 Saddam Permanent ok enough with you crap say goodbye paul
STEAM_0:0:33954219 ☜☠☞xFGl British☜☠☞ Permanent opps contact us we know killslick
STEAM_0:1:29272199 struckout Permanent struckout struckout
STEAM_0:1:40395077 Daniel Permanent mass rdm killslick
STEAM_0:0:27124639 Mike1g ツ #sdg Permanent perma banned paul
STEAM_0:1:11000838 dachande Permanent Racism. [HZ]SSgt. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:36028048 Venom Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:32524010 Break3r JO Permanent CDM strike out 6 bans lol goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:1:43021564 lego civilian Permanent mass rdm and hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:80457564 [HZ]Cpl. Sausage Permanent speak to owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:30914426 (-AUG-) Honey<3 Permanent multiple fails, been warned, have a good day,spam killslick
STEAM_0:1:43413554 Gorilla Munch Cereal Permanent PAYPAL FRAUD SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:1:32460835 Blaze Runner Permanent MAJOR FAIL killslick
STEAM_0:0:52632234 Aqua Riotz Permanent MASS RDM & QIG SPAM SHIT YET AGAIN killslick
STEAM_0:1:33097381 (C.S.I) Artillius [H-A] Permanent really killslick
STEAM_0:1:17094668 (C.S.I) BooGeRs Permanent really killslick
STEAM_0:1:20659820 (C.S.I) SabresRock16 [C] Permanent really killslick
STEAM_0:1:53426975 EatMyDiction Permanent SPAM Killslick
STEAM_0:1:33309724 (C.S.I) Undeadarmy2012[A] Permanent really killslick
STEAM_0:0:6310704 (C.S.I) EleMent [M] ⁴²⁰ Permanent really failrp and name killslick
STEAM_0:0:40320801 (C.S.I) Sir Spider [W] Permanent really killslick
STEAM_0:0:9056412 Tetsuo Akeda Permanent mass RDM [HZ]SSgt. Urban Ninja
STEAM_0:0:34706032 [CBC] Dragon - Muncher Permanent just stay away theats to ddos everyone. what child killslick
STEAM_0:1:20218336 Natius Maxiumus Permanent Racist bobwho
STEAM_0:0:51275692 [EYOO] Detective dre Permanent Racist bobwho
STEAM_0:1:19987403 Maj. Lee Gay Permanent Racist bobwho
STEAM_0:0:3785646 KKF♠ Permanent Racist bobwho
STEAM_0:1:26419258 HYFR MOE [ҲĐ] Permanent Racist bobwho
STEAM_0:1:36839956 the_slayer1 Permanent Racist bobwho
STEAM_0:0:28406478 Slendaaaa Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:44359155 N!gger Who? Permanent getting sick of you and crew contact us killslick
STEAM_0:0:51943279 [DevS]PainKiller Permanent Exploiting [HZ]Pfc. Yellow Snow
STEAM_0:1:9769081 AgentLulz (Hopsin) Permanent your done being a minge on our servers killslick
STEAM_0:1:38346999 Verex Permanent contact us killslick
STEAM_0:1:43737271 Martino Permanent ddoser killslick
STEAM_0:1:34785967 Duke Permanent spamer killslick
STEAM_0:0:41552810 ThatAlbinoGorilla Permanent scammer killslick
STEAM_0:0:57100225 Tugg Permanent racist Killslick
STEAM_0:1:29378926 [TRR] WuTang RiverBoy Permanent MASS RDM AND Minge group killslick
STEAM_0:1:45107842 Ham N Cheese Wit Dat Turkey Permanent being an ass to everyone Killslick
STEAM_0:0:16107948 [TRR] Deputy Shitleg Permanent MASS RDM AND Minge group killslick
STEAM_0:1:54328198 Honey-Boo-Boo Permanent MASS RDM AND Minge group killslick
STEAM_0:1:42279954 Izzy Radford Permanent Fail RP MINGE so many warnings killslick
STEAM_0:0:69081767 .J0kur Permanent Goodbye. breaking fear rp, failing, just got off day ban [HZ]SSG. THYHOBBIT
STEAM_0:1:30384245 Pvt.eXawN Permanent Reason Minging fail rp 7 bans now killslick
STEAM_0:0:3306044 [RS] Magic Whistle Permanent SCAM ALERTS DDOSER THIEF killslick
STEAM_0:0:33938916 Stephano Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:42194705 Leystryku Permanent hmmm whats this killslick
STEAM_0:0:40143824 Lights Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:39120328 Well Then Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:41033981 [HZ]-Fan Stealth453 Permanent Reason Severe rule breaking after multiple warnings. [HZ]Pfc. Synthetic -UKF-
STEAM_0:0:42587281 Anthony Permanent PAYPAL SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:1:21925890 Teffllonn Permanent Struck out [MINGE LEFT WHEN ADMIN TALKED] System
STEAM_0:0:26840517 Batman Permanent Struck out [Minge from other server] System
STEAM_0:0:3991539 [HZ]-FanJamie Juice Permanent Struck out [scammer] System
STEAM_0:1:34949790 Saintbrutal Permanent YUP OK killslick
STEAM_0:1:36802562 Hydro Permanent minge from pig killslick
STEAM_0:1:40854703 [HZ]Cpl. Ixryon Permanent LAMERS killslick
STEAM_0:1:40899605 [HZ]Cpl. Magyktime Permanent LAMERS killslick
STEAM_0:0:13191228 [HZ]Pfc. Lin Wuang Permanent LAMERS killslick
STEAM_0:1:54316410 Voss Veicelli Permanent YUP OK killslick
STEAM_0:1:53809773 [RXG] ThePurplMonster Permanent yup ok killslick
STEAM_0:0:25350105 Soul Eat (Selling VPS) Permanent bad user file killslick
STEAM_0:1:37358018 Senior Piggles Permanent Glitching in the Elevator. Your done. [HZ]WO1. Pain
STEAM_0:1:42394032 Mr.Deagle. Permanent MASS RDM PERMA BAN STRIKE OUT killslick
STEAM_0:0:52606809 Cheesy✈ Permanent Reason Using Hacks, Peace Bro! [HZ]Cpl. Synthetic -UKF-
STEAM_0:1:43309735 REhab420 Permanent Reason [HZ]Cpl. Yellow Snow
STEAM_0:0:29762828 Dimitri Volkoff Permanent Extreme Fail RP. Breaking Fear RP, RDM, job switch killslick
STEAM_0:0:52477840 FadedTactics Permanent make unban requiest your a minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:49280525 griffinstar88 Permanent longer stay out [HZ]A.GOA.Killslick
STEAM_0:0:33164921 Master Chief Permanent Reason Too late [HZ]Cpl. Synthetic -UKF-
STEAM_0:0:44893225 [xG:Veteran| MajorB Permanent adverting minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:56529750 alienatedink843 Permanent adverting minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:51139786 Syntox Turtles Permanent PAYPAL SCAMS killslick
STEAM_0:0:19375328 MonkeyChoker69#PwNagE Permanent stay out killslick
STEAM_0:0:30475525 [EG]Mr.Diamond :D 前鋒 Permanent yup say goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:0:58752701 oio Permanent troll [HZ]Sgt. Michael V
STEAM_0:1:6622198 Doctor Whoove Permanent yea right killslick
STEAM_0:1:39674563 [RGers] Leo Cash Permanent Prop Climbing and Prop Surfing. You are done. [HZ]WO1. Pain
STEAM_0:1:52306892 niceman117 Permanent contact killslick paypal issues killslick
STEAM_0:0:25434844 Killa Permanent FAIL with others try again son killslick
STEAM_0:0:5565681 XTC Permanent Haters make us famous killslick
STEAM_0:1:35079195 Pvt 281 Permanent FailRPing, Being an Idiot, Make an unban request. Your an obvious Troll. [HZ]Spc. Lunchxbles
STEAM_0:1:51224617 Nytrix Permanent Repetitive Fail Driving - Appeal on Forums [HZ]SFC.
STEAM_0:0:48000337 .. [M.B] Permanent Troll from colby\'s group of trolls killslick
STEAM_0:0:33598411 |QIG| [PRE-BUILT] Kmp90 Permanent MASS CDM AGAIN killslick
STEAM_0:1:24350067 [MS]Pvt. Shane Permanent Came in and was total minge and said he was. killslick
STEAM_0:1:56502315 Hoffmiezer Permanent Hacks Killslicks Orders [HZ]SFC. TCU FROGS!!!
STEAM_0:0:26202414 ii Santiago Permanent Reason Using Hancks, and lieing! Peace bro. [HZ]Cpl. Synthetic -UKF-
STEAM_0:0:55971588 tkrul14 Permanent Adverting fail servers killslick
STEAM_0:1:40040027 thelegitness Permanent FAIL ADVERTS killslick
STEAM_0:1:23012043 [HZ]Pvt. Liquidator Permanent take break you 2 fail way to much killslick
STEAM_0:1:60109868 adrianjchavez Permanent FAIL ADVERTS killslick
STEAM_0:1:22443046 Earthtech Permanent fail everything killslick
STEAM_0:0:68829362 KxG | frodo bagings Permanent CDMing, failing, get out [HZ]Sgt. Rockerjompa
STEAM_0:1:10049708 Josh Permanent Huge Admin Disprespect, Fail Growing, Fail In General [HZ]Cpl. DemonicPankake
STEAM_0:0:44257578 Kpicard7 Permanent Complete Minge. RDMing as a cop. Admin disrespect. And trying to kill me when I am admining you. [HZ]WO1. Pain
STEAM_0:1:37574404 BOT Gav Permanent GG Mass RDM [HZ]Cpl. Motion Flex
STEAM_0:1:61768581 mrwong69 Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:13909857 SQUAAAAAAD Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:47352826 Dolemite Permanent PAYPAL SCAM EXPLOITER killslick
STEAM_0:1:29246943 Reaper4life Permanent Next time be nice to people killslick
STEAM_0:0:43936210 Kimka05 Permanent PAYPAL SCAM killslick
STEAM_0:0:19801386 hfhf Permanent DDOS THREATS killslick
STEAM_0:1:8823562 Permanent make an unban request [HZ]SSgt. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:1:56559999 Boss Permanent Hacking [HZ]Cpl. Arrow
STEAM_0:1:30105751 [HZ]-Fan Yarukame ≧ω≦ Permanent Confirmed Paypal scammer killslick
STEAM_0:0:51494462 RkLow Permanent PAYPAL ISSUES CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:46541372 Yuuki アスナ Permanent PAYPAL ISSUES CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:16607724 [HZ]-R ReTrO sMaCk Permanent PAYPAL ISSUES CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:39191995 [HZ]-R Ghostdogg Permanent Struck out [Struck out [Struck out [Minge, man stop paypal fraud]]] System
STEAM_0:0:33800049 [Mad-Monkey] Permanent Glitching killslick
STEAM_0:1:61652697 -hg- SBPro Permanent contact killslick -paypal issue killslick
STEAM_0:1:13495260 Jas2511 Permanent Exploiting and sending bad links killslick
STEAM_0:0:41165704 [HZ]-Fan Fuel_Ryi Permanent Contact Killslick Paypal issue killslick
STEAM_0:0:62878490 ™|QIG| Brian873™ Permanent mass rdm [HZ]Killslick
STEAM_0:0:2655852 T Swift Permanent Make unban request [HZ]SSgt. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:1:2018452 Jesse Threebeards Permanent Make unban request [HZ]SSgt. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:0:16929673 Welfare Checked Permanent Extreme trolling, admin baiting, admin disrespect, and fail RP. Have fun being banned from a great server. [HZ]WO1. Pain
STEAM_0:0:72803914 John Votra Permanent pure scum killslick
STEAM_0:0:37257739 G2 Permanent struck out killslick
STEAM_0:0:76671187 colton102099 Permanent trouble killslick
STEAM_0:1:35864181 llya Bryzgalov Permanent Ban On Sight - Killslicks Order [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:53538894 Iron Fist Templar Permanent spam [HZ]A.GOA.Killslick
STEAM_0:0:20718607 Lick My Bat Wings Permanent Fuck off. RDMing the server and Admins [HZ]WO1. Pain
STEAM_0:1:13284432 African Wild Cat Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:1:43360993 your geting trolled ™ Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:30047735 TasteTheRainbow® Permanent PAYPAL SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:0:50251401 Ben Rad Permanent CONTACT US killslick
STEAM_0:0:17591424 LEEDO Permanent COME to TS killslick
STEAM_0:0:23221448 csreaper22 Permanent come to TS killslick
STEAM_0:0:41088312 Lehmon Permanent Racism detected. Use of racial words & Troll alert killslick
STEAM_0:1:61227807 iDoitForTheLawls Permanent Banned hacks accounts killslick
STEAM_0:0:53311637 reall ass mofo Permanent Reason Last strike [HZ]Cpl. Synthetic -UKF-
STEAM_0:1:47225149 strysw Permanent glithers killslick
STEAM_0:0:100371808 bobolob Permanent Minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:14166834 oG] Alex | Permanent yea ok child killslick
STEAM_0:0:58814162 StopStomp Permanent Contact us killslick
STEAM_0:1:19393422 [HZ]Pvt. Drewbtoob Permanent stay out noob killslick
STEAM_0:0:42073021 Taco Permanent Lied about money and minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:46783383 Fiddle Castro Permanent Massively Failing, Multiple Kicks, Nasty OOC chat, Bye. [HZ]SFC. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:1:31999510 [T.E.S.L.A] Pvt.Golden God Permanent Hacks Detected killslick
STEAM_0:0:70725195 gerald Permanent System found hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:24492373 -hg-nacatcrazy Permanent PAYPAL SCAM killslick
STEAM_0:1:102597507 Phantom Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:68916591 lowfatlogan Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:42270648 Swordcross Permanent SCUM support killslick
STEAM_0:1:18130734 [HZ]Cpl. Wertimus Maximus Permanent Admin Abuser lied and cried killslick
STEAM_0:0:64133559 imparrotpatrol Permanent Stay off our server. Extreme Minge. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:21815396 bulldog_917 Permanent contact killslick killslick
STEAM_0:0:4457399 *Dannex Permanent stay out for now killslick
STEAM_0:0:2239585 Puzzle Permanent stay out for now killslick
STEAM_0:1:14053442 Vusione Permanent stay out for now killslick
STEAM_0:0:87775 [CBC] HAZARDLY FATAL WOLF! Permanent Bye. [HZ]Sgt. TheThrown™
STEAM_0:0:39387996 Josua27176 Permanent fails killslick
STEAM_0:0:52379698 AuXillery Permanent HACKS screens saved killslick
STEAM_0:1:19851805 Sandtorv Permanent being ass killslick
STEAM_0:1:15775522 *DR. Haax Permanent Advertising [HZ]MSG. Undead ><>
STEAM_0:1:1647993 Zork Permanent *IC Trolls killslick
STEAM_0:0:38328977 ☣The Evil Kancroc☣ Permanent ddOSERS MINGS killslick
STEAM_0:1:29171237 cooќi monsTɛr (Ginger) Permanent Fail all around grow up child killslick
STEAM_0:0:32791756 [TCX]bicboi Permanent Fail I got you this time killslick
STEAM_0:0:26256342 ALAKRAN Permanent contact me killslick
STEAM_0:1:40377821 E=MouseCtrl2 Permanent MINGE killslick
STEAM_0:0:63964627 Duke Permanent DDOSERS Minge group killslick
STEAM_0:0:18193766 jayC Permanent Script Hacks [HZ]Cpl. GoldTrigger
STEAM_0:1:43291403 danny :D Permanent troll reports of ddoser threats killslick
STEAM_0:0:46888348 yvesdoggie Permanent Go on the Teamspeak 3. ts.hellzoneclanrp.com SEXRP, RDM, Admin avoid [HZ]Cpl.Killjoy
STEAM_0:0:25328076 JK U haz no frends Permanent Reason [HZ]GOA.Killslick | PE
STEAM_0:1:63974294 HippieJuiceBox Permanent involved in bad shit killslick
STEAM_0:1:49920396 Sirpimme Permanent Reason [HZ]GOA.Killslick | PE
STEAM_0:0:62096865 kryeakey1 Permanent Alt account of kryeakey killslick
STEAM_0:0:7465060 kryeakey Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:61208604 xmufcxskillz Permanent fail at everything killslick
STEAM_0:1:37779938 DizzyGhost. Permanent minge group killslick
STEAM_0:1:55210494 ! 92 i - Black Market Permanent troll killslick
STEAM_0:1:48588087 TheRealRayy Permanent minge 5 times strike out say goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:0:51684907 [BladeZ Owner] Rune Permanent Pure Minge - Just a Troll [HZ]Cpl. Exultion #Gleek
STEAM_0:1:20693808 michael 2004 Permanent Alt account of waffle killslick
STEAM_0:1:15454583 dasdasdfasd Permanent Alt account of waffle killslick
STEAM_0:0:39616937 poggstack Permanent Alt account of waffle killslick
STEAM_0:1:44861938 RAVEN SHADOW DASH™ Permanent contact killslick killslick
STEAM_0:1:30214985 Hauptsturmführer Permanent minging killslick
STEAM_0:0:8392364 Non-Toxic Permanent Contact owners killslick
STEAM_0:1:21779583 Sixshot Permanent you need a big break killslick
STEAM_0:0:56393888 [HZ]Pfc. $waqqer$on2010 YOLO Permanent YOLO killslick
STEAM_0:1:69284873 Coyote Kisses Permanent Minge and trollll killslick
STEAM_0:1:37839453 Dev Permanent fail adverting servers Killslick
STEAM_0:1:54336457 Dr.Who? Permanent adverting lol a dead server soon killslick
STEAM_0:1:39877657 75bane Permanent adverting lol a dead server soon killslick
STEAM_0:0:42497892 Santa Permanent adverting lol a dead server soon killslick
STEAM_0:0:66059743 [HZ]-Fan Eye Permanent RDM Disrespect Fail driving, Make an unban request on hellzoneclan.org [HZ]Cpl. Angelocity
STEAM_0:0:34962415 |QIG| Rick James Permanent adverting past accounts killslick
STEAM_0:0:24015519 |QIG|Kaelee♥ Permanent co owner of leaked script servers Killslick
STEAM_0:1:46876415 |QIG| Dev Permanent Minge group killslick
STEAM_0:0:27685929 T3HK4T Permanent minge group killslick
STEAM_0:1:41583399 |QIG| Senior Pepper Permanent minge group killslick
STEAM_0:0:22106705 |QIG| BioShooter [Qc] Permanent minge group killslick
STEAM_0:1:51501458 DG l Flandre Permanent Minge then we got DDoS killslick
STEAM_0:1:41772530 Daxx Permanent contact owners killslick
STEAM_0:0:58100151 KitKat Permanent fail killslick
STEAM_0:0:80922832 MrMacNTosh Permanent RDM [HZ]Sgt. Killibro
STEAM_0:1:39459282 (Ch103<3) Permanent Bye [HZ]SSG. Boxtop (bday today :3)
STEAM_0:0:60034554 trevster63 Permanent 5 times fail cya killslick
STEAM_0:0:39332598 ebnko.JP triad lord Permanent Hacks, Make a ban appeal on the forums [HZ]Cpl. Exultion #Gleek
STEAM_0:0:58495616 iMass Permanent and stay out [HZ]Cpl. Angelocity
STEAM_0:1:39779695 Caboose Permanent Minge Group [HZ]Cpl. Angelocity
STEAM_0:0:45045324 Mr. Eugene Permanent Minge Group [HZ]Cpl. Angelocity
STEAM_0:0:55615031 |QIG| MeIsBushWookie Permanent minge group killslick
STEAM_0:1:52845277 Mike Oxlong Permanent DG crew Exploiting servers to crash killslick
STEAM_0:0:55606804 Pineapple Permanent MINGE & PAYPAL SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:0:39580045 [HZ]Pfc. MethBunny Permanent Taking kids info on peoples computers. You are done. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:41533150 DurpBomb Permanent DG crew Exploiting servers to crash killslick
STEAM_0:0:80866547 Sparkles The Gay Rapper Permanent be gone killslick
STEAM_0:0:45998752 -wobo- FunnyGuy Permanent spam adverting killslick
STEAM_0:1:19224753 | DG | JuicyMane Permanent DG crew Exploiting servers to crash killslick
STEAM_0:0:29186666 | DG | DerTod Permanent DG crew Exploiting servers to crash killslick
STEAM_0:1:44606884 dG | shortround18 Permanent DG crew Exploiting servers to crash killslick
STEAM_0:0:21513525 kelse Permanent fail make ubban request Killslick
STEAM_0:0:61675037 Jump on it. Permanent Hack adverts killslick
STEAM_0:0:52903708 Zilch Permanent Not funny [HZ]SFC. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:1:43677357 chrisyo Permanent contact owners killslick
STEAM_0:0:22021386 ʷᵒᵒ Platypus ʰᵒᵒ Permanent go away [HZ]1SG. Urban Ninja
STEAM_0:1:37680021 Alex Permanent fail rp and minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:598721 Vicious Crippled Permanent HACKS warned to stop but kept it up. killslick
STEAM_0:0:26280658 McNevin Permanent Second ban, continuing to minge, last ban was for prop spam and being a minge. [HZ]Cpl. Walter Melon
STEAM_0:0:9964711 John Trikone Permanent purposely cdming at least 10 minutes, minge [HZ]MSG. michaelv
STEAM_0:0:37919749 [FRG] Mikey Permanent Contact Killslick killslick
STEAM_0:0:84835078 [HZ]-R kalie Permanent Fake female gets kids to show pics killslick
STEAM_0:1:27162220 яєχ ツ Permanent exploits killslick
STEAM_0:0:34222053 seanm0429 Permanent Contact Killslick killslick
STEAM_0:0:32532264 jceccoli Permanent Contact Killslick killslick
STEAM_0:0:62092072 d d Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:56421370 ‏‏‏cracka Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:31017364 starry night Permanent stay out till you grow up killslick
STEAM_0:1:41920964 [ENC] Bloodbath529 Permanent Contact Killslick killslick
STEAM_0:0:29866858 [ENC] Kaid146 Permanent Contact Killslick killslick
STEAM_0:1:8594974 Postal Permanent stay out killslick
STEAM_0:1:49843574 |UG| Frankenstein Permanent mass rdm and minging killslick
STEAM_0:1:49737878 UG | sm69baller Permanent mass rdm and minging killslick
STEAM_0:1:43401590 ROBOT#1 Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:43101668 Eoyx Permanent Constant minging over the past 2 months. Been warned and kicked many times and have had a long conversation with him and he still continues to fail. Rdming and no roleplay whatsoever, All the cares about is killing [HZ]Sgt. Michael V #thumbpower
STEAM_0:1:26002139 Igor Permanent Not Needed Here killslick
STEAM_0:1:43767852 BirdTurds [Mutant_] Permanent Blatant speed hacks. Bye zib zop zoobity bop
STEAM_0:0:5893333 -=IG=-[Founder]Locowilone Permanent Contact Owners killslick
STEAM_0:0:25504051 do_psychedelics Permanent Come back when more serious [HZ]SFC. Xantos
STEAM_0:1:59875573 Glue Boy Permanent mass rdm and minging killslick
STEAM_0:0:33701160 [HZ]Pvt. Discord Permanent true life troll killslick
STEAM_0:0:53273971 [EGB] Jakaib Permanent Minge, FailRP, Fail, Fail, Make an Unban Request! [HZ]SFC. DADDY NEXXUS11
STEAM_0:0:42203866 Ozborne [ECG] Permanent DDoS threats killslick
STEAM_0:1:40384655 [HZ]-Fan Rick Jerry Permanent stay away minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:40615062 [TG] Mickey Mice Permanent True Minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:40778701 [FL:RP] Spyderr Permanent Mic Spamming and FailRP. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:52468451 oG | rross1996 Permanent Adverting servers FAil oG shit again. killslick
STEAM_0:0:42164232 Ouija Permanent Prop killing with the cars. Make an unban request [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:43143479 [AG] Vick Permanent Advertising other server. Troll, failure to use a proper roleplay name [HZ]Sgt. Michael V
STEAM_0:1:20804187 [vFG] Nick! Permanent contact me killslick
STEAM_0:0:30618163 =InfD= Mors Quaedam Permanent spam killslick
STEAM_0:1:44645669 Oats Permanent Spamming Minge. Fuck off your fail shit verts. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:32955110 Kefta Permanent Troll in real life and server killslick
STEAM_0:0:25019580 ★MasterShake★ Permanent contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:37548713 Nesz Permanent POSSIBLE SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:0:59637681 Nectarcollector Permanent trolll [HZ]SSG. GoldTrigger
STEAM_0:0:60006743 peetydog Permanent Troll [HZ]Sgt. TCU FROGS!!!
STEAM_0:0:46661754 Green Blockhead Permanent Minging consistantly, RDMs, disrespect, doe not follow server rules. Go play somewhere else and minge. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:67125398 Turtles Permanent Spam adverts killslick
STEAM_0:0:54094595 acdckid55 Permanent Constant RDM, Fail, Banned yesterday [HZ]SSG. Demonic
STEAM_0:0:67696187 DuBs | UB™ Permanent Contact Owner paypal issues killslick
STEAM_0:1:29199024 Killamaster114 Permanent Contact Owner paypal issues killslick
STEAM_0:1:12885039 Masterj1337 #Mobius Permanent Was just unbanned and keeps failing constantly. [HZ]Sgt. Michael V
STEAM_0:0:43055729 joseph4lakers Permanent Contact Owner paypal issues killslick
STEAM_0:0:54309067 GC D3FR33Z3 Permanent Adverting QIG shit and minging [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:64740872 GC The Black Hand Permanent Adverting QIG shit and minging [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:1:59333528 |QIG|GC|BuckyLarson Permanent Advertising leaked QIG shit, disrespecting Admins, minging with baseball bat, and refusing to change model. Go back to your minge hole. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:0:57647842 AnonymousNebula Permanent Constant Fail Names. Fail Troll [HZ]Sgt. TCU FROGS!!!
STEAM_0:0:50558040 Texmard Permanent no [HZ]Sgt. ◊Walter Melon◊
STEAM_0:1:293166 FUCKNIGGUHSBEENFRESHL0L Permanent mass cdm Hasbits4
STEAM_0:1:75787398 paul Permanent exploit system
STEAM_0:0:6249855 Mike1GAH Permanent Consistant disrepect to admins, acting like a minge, and not following RP. Stay out of here. [HZ]CWO. Pain
STEAM_0:1:34427074 jinglebells Permanent MassRDM GTFO server fucking minge. BYE PERMA! [HZ]Spc. DerkaDerkaRDMmingeBag
STEAM_0:0:29489979 Pablo Chacon Permanent Admin Abuse minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:53286999 Jaxon Permanent Not Wanted. [-vG- HZ]Pfc. Nasa7
STEAM_0:0:54929883 bbstar5613 [Mike] Permanent spam crap killslick
STEAM_0:0:73952466 titandakota5 Permanent fail spam shit killslick
STEAM_0:1:59613779 badman Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:13576134 pro club king Permanent Nice IP attempt GTFO fucking minge. You ain't ever getting unbanned for this shit! [HZ]Spc. YourSpanishMomTaco
STEAM_0:1:36257874 Andrew The Pikachu :3 Permanent Troll, Mass RDM, Grow up [HZ]SSG. Exultion #Gleek
STEAM_0:1:70878166 tcxco Permanent You thought you could hide tcx. Mass cdm and disconnecting right after, same thing youve done on your other accounts before you got banned [HZ]Sgt. Michael V Smoove #9
STEAM_0:0:68711569 travtrav4000 Permanent MASS CDM RDM killslick
STEAM_0:0:58097459 12334 Permanent ddoser links ip links killslick
STEAM_0:0:64823639 alexbarilsoccer Permanent mass rdm, read the rules on your way back in [HZ]Sgt. Michael V #780
STEAM_0:1:71011886 Roleplaylife Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:54239926 FPS McDuck Permanent Bye. [HZ]Cpl. YourSpanishMomTaco
STEAM_0:0:30003219 Gunplay Permanent banned paypal killslick
STEAM_0:1:58006595 Xero 0 Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:37745193 Curtis Permanent stayaway killslick
STEAM_0:0:58988124 Butthole Mcgee Permanent False Accusations [HZ]1SG. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:0:33415671 AdzGuyDoggie Permanent Again you minge then make threats to ddos? killslick
STEAM_0:0:49534951 Palarado Permanent Extreme fail in every way possible, make an unban request [HZ]Sgt. Michael V #780
STEAM_0:1:43640749 Tryanide Permanent Cdm, Rdm, Disrespect, Just got unbanned, lieing to admins. [HZ]Spc. Fatality
STEAM_0:1:64532277 RUPERT Permanent LOL welcome to Your banned permanently from HZ for mic spam [HZ]SSG. Exultion #Gleek
STEAM_0:1:83557667 Banned in 4 minutes Permanent Keeps on minging intentionally [HZ]Cpl. Nithriel
STEAM_0:1:46476374 Zilch Permanent keep talking [HZ]Sgt. Michael V #780
STEAM_0:1:40681203 ☤ Praisethewhale l REBEL l Permanent talk to owner killslick
STEAM_0:0:49361350 BugDaVideoGamer Permanent Car CDM, OOC flamming. Bye. Perma make unban request. [HZ]Cpl. YourSpanishMomTaco
STEAM_0:1:52334555 [HG] ScooBa DooBa Permanent minge [HZ]Killslick
STEAM_0:0:37811474 KushyKush Permanent Perma'd - MassRDM - Failrp - Admin disrespect [HZ]Pvt. SuicideMedic
STEAM_0:0:20101240 ͠_͠_͠/Chronx☆³ ツ Permanent done minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:69139738 Shabba Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:26233462 Retard On Weed Permanent done minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:29691307 Nirvash Permanent Spam, troll, batwhore, warned multiple times. [HZ]Sgt. Walter Melon
STEAM_0:1:71335832 lHzl - Tacoeez Permanent Known ddoser killslick
STEAM_0:0:28784002 Sub Permanent General Idiot [HZ]SSG. Broski
STEAM_0:1:27214438 NSA Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:40031408 Methland Permanent Constant minging over the past days, You've had your warnings, Make an unban request. [HZ]Sgt. Nova
STEAM_0:1:73538809 Dan Permanent fake alt of querto killslick
STEAM_0:0:47979619 d1ckw0w Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:1827447 RancorZealot Permanent His friend makes DDoS threats so yea grow up killslick
STEAM_0:0:73001289 devonlhenderson Permanent Selling afk scripts, dcing from admin, DDOSER killslick
STEAM_0:0:69057568 Magic Permanent involved in ddos killslick
STEAM_0:0:21500578 Boxedin123 Permanent involved in ddos killslick
STEAM_0:1:40686341 Stewpig Permanent spam shit [HZ]Killslick
STEAM_0:1:59636823 Arsenic Venom Permanent trouble maker killslick
STEAM_0:0:41802 MY NAME IS JIMMY Permanent Mic Spamming [HZ]1SG. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:0:64736553 Ceax Permanent mass rdm [HZ]Sgt. Michael V #780
STEAM_0:1:33695901 Supernerd11 Permanent System found hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:30132978 |QIG| Le Quebecois Permanent minges killslick
STEAM_0:0:46366979 |QIG| What Sup Quebec ♥ Permanent minges killslick
STEAM_0:1:47659122 (1)Anonymous Permanent Need to contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:21966414 Whip-Tide Permanent contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:0:25670209 [FG] THE FORBIS Permanent contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:37282141 [FG] Gray8911 Permanent contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:36883463 JT Permanent Mass RDMing Spawn [HZ]SFC. jbierwagen
STEAM_0:0:69411265 Bob Yamapi Permanent Fail Paypal contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:0:60451372 potato farm Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:53985894 O!nK Permanent contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:51398847 Oxymoron #TurnUP Permanent Constant fail RP, given way to many chances, banned atleast 4 to 5 times. Put an unban request if you think you should be unbanned. [HZ]SFC. Boxtop
STEAM_0:1:57284526 Adthemad [PRED] Permanent done minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:31925864 [PRED] Exophoria Permanent Spam, Minge Group [HZ]Cpl. zLoGiCaLz
STEAM_0:0:49833393 [HZ]Sgt. Carpet Blower |3RD| Permanent stay away killslick
STEAM_0:0:27041975 FrostGamer Permanent Paypal issues contact owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:26623243 Terrify Permanent Nexxus's orders to permaban on sight, CDMing spawn line, consistent failing. Make an unban request [HZ]SSG. Dr. Twitchy
STEAM_0:0:15199248 noiiaz #POUTINE Permanent PayPal Buyer Protection because it is intangible killslick
STEAM_0:1:50328204 Jose Hernandez The 3rd Permanent minge from pg killslick
STEAM_0:0:49116198 Eycd4 Permanent Made DDos threats killslick
STEAM_0:0:66593590 Oli Permanent Struck out [STRUCK OUT SCAM] System
STEAM_0:0:43439281 SeriousLion Permanent fake trouble maker killslick
STEAM_0:1:41610079 Nipples^2 Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:2752943 TME Permanent Troll from other fail perp server killslick
STEAM_0:1:16023323 Gorden Tony Tompson Permanent lame killslick
STEAM_0:0:37714259 AverageJoeDude Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:0:33959483 Eric Cartman Permanent Banned killslick
STEAM_0:0:23645529 Eric Cartman Permanent Banned killslick
STEAM_0:0:35978616 нσє | Twitty<3 Permanent spam killslick
STEAM_0:0:14680601 chief keef Permanent struck out killslick
STEAM_0:0:42049772 Baseball435 Permanent Not wanted on our servers killslick
STEAM_0:0:55607765 Jones Permanent RE just because killslick
STEAM_0:0:38554334 StephenPuffs Permanent exploits killslick
STEAM_0:0:54582524 Gravity Cat Demands Stuff™ Permanent paypal scams killslick
STEAM_0:0:42705186 Wienerz n Gonadz Permanent PP issues contact killsick killslick
STEAM_0:1:47604576 Btc Permanent from other fake perp server stay out killslick
STEAM_0:1:51633750 Ronanb123 Permanent report and block online theft involved killslick
STEAM_0:0:37882128 Here Permanent Bye killslick
STEAM_0:1:80061755 [HZ]-R Otega Permanent AKA Notority = [HZ]-R Otega killslick
STEAM_0:0:72716229 hippz Permanent made ddos threats left killslick
STEAM_0:1:41915723 [CG] Turtle Permanent paypal issue contact me killslick
STEAM_0:0:80436201 Verruckt Permanent paypal issue contact me killslick
STEAM_0:1:19655746 Ryan Permanent stay away killslick
STEAM_0:1:50276520 Horizontal Pancakes Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:69001403 unnamed Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:81005493 Mikaelo Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:76818410 [AG/DEV] Bigbadbeee Permanent trouble killslick
STEAM_0:0:32892400 TravvyBob™ [PMT] Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:55444492 Groovy Shark Permanent lies about warnings killslick
STEAM_0:0:85849881 Badman MK2 Permanent Stealing names, trolling in the server. [HZ]SFC. Walter Melon
STEAM_0:0:60279268 SpaceKiller-BRONZE VIP Permanent Watch Out Paypal Scammer killslick
STEAM_0:0:68248662 Words Kill People Permanent pure scum killslick
STEAM_0:1:60176325 [HZ]Pvt. Roshe Permanent Admits to DDoS people and servers killslick
STEAM_0:1:76838594 TheAtomicBoom Permanent hacks [HZ]1SG. Vortigaunt
STEAM_0:0:153944466 CSGOJackpot #340 [818] Permanent adverting killslick
STEAM_0:1:23828909 [HZ]Pvt. Transformer Permanent Minge [HZ]SFC. TCU FROGS!!!
STEAM_0:1:66500603 Verrath Permanent 3 bans over last 3 days, huge fail, I warned you, make an unban request on the forums [HZ]SFC. GoldTrigger the Egg
STEAM_0:0:43051857 SophomoricGaming Permanent scum bags killslick
STEAM_0:0:45684672 Doge Permanent maybe scammed killslick
STEAM_0:1:2820265 struckout Permanent struclout struckout
STEAM_0:0:29381970 nobadino Permanent FailRP, Fail Driving, Fail Car Bomb, RDM, CDM, Some More Can't Remember, Make Unban Request [HZ]CSM. DADDY NEXXUS
STEAM_0:0:44460397 |QIG| Virtyl #lolitacrew Permanent QIG spamming OOC [HZ]SFC. Walter Melon
STEAM_0:0:57940844 patheticguy321 Permanent DDos Threats [HZ]Spc. Online
STEAM_0:0:84455688 Skittles Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:0:13702028 Fabrizio Permanent adverting killslick
STEAM_0:1:41691093 Aztec Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:1:20135242 [HZ]SSG. Aztec Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:1:73292660 ιмλgιηєđяєλмz Permanent minge [PE-HZ]GOA.Killslick
STEAM_0:0:18795955 Walter White Permanent Rocker Jompa [HZ]1SG. Demonic
STEAM_0:0:42953652 |TBB| Option321 Permanent shows true colors of them killslick
STEAM_0:1:89588618 GreenHillTooOP Permanent spam server killslick
STEAM_0:1:42496669 Hack The Planet Permanent Paypal says so killslick
STEAM_0:1:87034614 Nüt‏ Permanent glitcher killslick
STEAM_0:0:87038972 mysterEboy Permanent Absolutely no interest in being on PERP - RDMing anything that moves and being immature. [HZ]Cpl. Albino
STEAM_0:0:28662965 oG] DexterVanhorn Permanent order from kills killslick
STEAM_0:1:56957057 Mr.Name Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:1:69324739 Yuurei Permanent yup say goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:1:43979188 Lt. Dan Permanent Shows true colors say goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:0:61972276 BLUEMIST SIDE KICK Permanent Shows true colors scum killslick
STEAM_0:1:7283011 Ras Permanent Extreme Failure of rules [HZ]WO2. Pain
STEAM_0:0:29690396 oG| Frank |S| Permanent order from kills killslick
STEAM_0:1:47143584 [HZ]Pfc.GODZILLA™#JoinPerp Permanent broke the contract [HZ]CSM. admins needed on perp
STEAM_0:0:39579852 Cake Permanent HACKS AND PAYPAL FRAUD killslick
STEAM_0:1:90357941 Boulder Fingers Permanent Killslicks orders [HZ]SFC. Walter Melon
STEAM_0:0:86262991 Ryan Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:1:90343777 EyB0ssIHabeDaCancer Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:1:85042969 Senor Spaz Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:0:62305355 TylerK Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:90534955 struck out Permanent struck out struckout
STEAM_0:1:90371994 Danny2003 Permanent Reason [PE-HZ]GOA.Killslick
STEAM_0:1:90415765 Jacob97:3 Permanent Killslicks orders. Join teamspeak: ts.hellzoneclanrp.com [HZ]SFC. Walter Melon
STEAM_0:1:78396829 {(ACS)} David 2.0 Permanent Killslicks orders [HZ]SFC. Walter Melon
STEAM_0:0:33371161 Bandit Permanent STRUCK OUT killslick
STEAM_0:0:90559069 struck out Permanent struck out struck out
STEAM_0:0:40435332 UNFILTERED BGP SESSION Permanent exploit killslick
STEAM_0:1:49187745 struckout Permanent struckout struckout
STEAM_0:1:63484382 "{ThE_HaSiDA}"SweatyVaj Permanent FailRP, RDM, Asspull, Shooting at admin sit [HZ]CSM. Daddy
STEAM_0:0:60799782 Skyz Permanent tried to exploit killslick
STEAM_0:0:87296796 7up Permanent Verified DDoSer killslick
STEAM_0:1:87925570 skidmcneedo Permanent Verified DDoSer killslick
STEAM_0:1:51829462 StoneBeard Permanent struckout we know killslick
STEAM_0:0:92583778 Mosque Permanent stuck out killslick
STEAM_0:0:67422315 JoshShady Permanent banned killslick
STEAM_0:1:92282817 Stratos-E‏ Permanent aimbot [HZ]Sgt. Manason | rxg
STEAM_0:0:25660543 Dr.Phil Permanent struckout killslick
STEAM_0:1:92590482 GoofyLoofy69 Permanent struckout killslick
STEAM_0:0:47834795 [HZ]Spc. SpongeBob Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:62664607 LuvMuffin Permanent Not this time killslick
STEAM_0:0:91312946 admin Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:10998600 struckout Permanent struclout struckout
STEAM_0:0:39121710 Lear Permanent glitcher killslick
STEAM_0:1:43767919 Meehowl the Cat Permanent glitcher killslick
STEAM_0:0:48317830 Nüt Permanent glitcher killslick
STEAM_0:0:92645303 Permanent struckout struckout
STEAM_0:0:61992958 Rustic7 | SantosRP.com Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:52983265 Groovy Permanent Mass RDM make unban request killslick
STEAM_0:0:19746015 ♠Ch3aT3R♠ Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:49380316 |QIG| streked3121 Permanent Constant Minging.. [HZ]Cpl. OnlineID
STEAM_0:1:44342809 Pies<3 Permanent Explited killslick
STEAM_0:1:68317237 [AE]Dardusman69 Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:50669664 Denon123 Permanent ReasonLOSEMINGE KIlls Not home
STEAM_0:1:20191819 Tactical Toaster Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:52592455 [P] Pen Anderson Permanent Tried to exploit paypal killslick
STEAM_0:0:22844208 [HZ]Pvt. Xotic Permanent MINGE killslick
STEAM_0:1:80379815 ntafini Permanent MINGE killslick
STEAM_0:0:39050152 ShadowRanger Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:52472227 NightStalker Xx Permanent paypal issues killslick
STEAM_0:0:68504460 |QIG| Red woLfiE Permanent not wanted around here killslick
STEAM_0:1:60188767 Unarrest Batton Permanent Trolls killslick
STEAM_0:1:66087650 [HZ]-R Ryani1010 Permanent paypal killslick
STEAM_0:0:5123570 carpetreleted Permanent exploit system
STEAM_0:1:64921691 carpetreleted Permanent exploit system
STEAM_0:1:64921691 watermelon to Permanent exploited killslick
STEAM_0:0:5123570 FaZeD Permanent Carpetshit releated killslick
STEAM_0:0:48470623 Leyer32 Permanent not wanted killslick
STEAM_0:1:95172818 minecraftvidsomg409 Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:66434610 KEEEF Permanent minge group killslick
STEAM_0:0:72467872 Swag Permanent chiefranmey killslick
STEAM_0:0:95571518 Ignorant-ass white kid Permanent minge groups killslick
STEAM_0:1:92816482 Gotta Get Away, Holy Diver Permanent FAILS killslick
STEAM_0:0:68934715 x229killer Permanent minge groups killslick
STEAM_0:0:63447797 Twist Permanent TROLL killslick
STEAM_0:1:49468208 John Charles Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:29792476 Tyrone Jabills Permanent minge just dont like our server killslick
STEAM_0:0:34486714 @TwoShivNoHoes Permanent minge groups killslick
STEAM_0:1:53742377 cheeeee!!!! Permanent minge groups killslick
STEAM_0:0:81044772 RayRay #Jakills Jabills Permanent minge groups killslick
STEAM_0:0:17487909 cafe Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:77568751 RagingGaming Permanent DDoser killslick
STEAM_0:0:55341985 SpoonsAndMore Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:97066533 mitchellhaskell99 Permanent trouble killslick
STEAM_0:1:49935374 Rustii Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:53314835 I ♣ Baby seals Permanent SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:1:101655536 Goron Permanent SCAMMRR killslick
STEAM_0:1:82297957 [HZ]Pfc Control Freak Permanent SCAMMER killslick
STEAM_0:0:11651322 [FNG] bulldog_917 Permanent scum from PG he told us killslick
STEAM_0:1:80388151 YellowOuTSider Permanent MASS CDM BYE killslick
STEAM_0:1:62321341 Mythik Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:105503097 Ronaldo Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:34050149 [HZ]-Fan Trees Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:1:58728058 TheWhighet Permanent MASS CDM killslick
STEAM_0:1:88147564 Taco | 3rdRangers.org [M] Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:114532 meethik Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:42884707 Justjib Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:55908547 Aids the African Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:57150123 [3FX] Archway - Uploading Permanent minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:31660752 Charlie "Taco" Da Jesus Christ Permanent Breaking several rules, Failrp, Sevral warnings, massrdm, failname [HZ]Pvt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:107183353 Fan kingOfblunts Permanent Cheats System
STEAM_0:0:106989887 Leahbee Permanent Struck out [Struck out [Struck out [Struck out [Hacks]]]] System
STEAM_0:0:65465088 Nick Permanent Exploit and general minge killslick
STEAM_0:0:123150722 Chief Keef Permanent Hacks [HZ]SSG. Broski
STEAM_0:0:123128222 ricky lahey Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:89030830 Christianmv Permanent Cheats System
STEAM_0:1:107170682 Irelia Permanent HACKS killslick
STEAM_0:0:1908640 Fredy Permanent freddy sucks StartNewLife
STEAM_0:0:36930035 HufflePuffle Permanent Hacks [HZ-PE]SSG. Tyler
STEAM_0:1:63497693 Dead Arm And Proud Permanent Mingebag [HZ]Cpl. A Single Pringle
STEAM_0:1:23320189 Michael V Permanent Asshole [HZ]SSG. Broski
STEAM_0:0:52525665 [UG]walkingwalktroug Permanent cya killslick
STEAM_0:0:127998576 Du Maroc Permanent General Idiot [HZ]SSG. Broski
STEAM_0:0:92829398 Raidtekk/Rockford_21 Permanent Mass RDMing @ Spawn, Mass RDMing police. Minging. Assputting an AK. [HZ]Sgt. jbierwagen
STEAM_0:0:59368403 Officer Jim Lahey Permanent Join TS. Exploiting [HZ]Cpl. Werman
STEAM_0:0:82879315 the lunatic fringe dean ambrose Permanent Asshole [HZ]Cpl. A Single Pringle
STEAM_0:0:65300747 Joseph Permanent Hacks I Hate Thieves
STEAM_0:0:108293251 doobiedoop Permanent Talk to owner killslick
STEAM_0:1:37646802 PT1LLY Permanent Nope not doing to allow you see killslick
STEAM_0:0:140523830 acu Permanent Attempted vip scam killslick
STEAM_0:0:53897227 Breh Permanent Struck Out ( Mass RDM spawn ) [HZ-PE]SSG. Tyler
STEAM_0:0:63285210 John bon Permanent said he hacks goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:1:109012511 ayymbot.exe Permanent Stay away killslick
STEAM_0:1:51495902 VACation Permanent they all said you hax killslick
STEAM_0:0:67271161 Snap! Crackle! Pop! Permanent Tried to hack rcon killslick
STEAM_0:1:68866791 Paleblackout Permanent scams killslick
STEAM_0:0:59482017 What is drugs Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:47929863 Lt./Col. GothicCucumber Permanent Struck out [Struck out [Fail]] System
STEAM_0:1:92715069 Bill Nye The Jewish Guy Permanent Stay away killslick
STEAM_0:1:24679807 bob Permanent MASS CDM Reconnecting under different name [HZ]Cpl. Werman
STEAM_0:1:19428765 That Cyka Cory Permanent Stay away killslick
STEAM_0:1:35888008 Aufol Panda Permanent Stay away killslick
STEAM_0:0:109670561 throwawaygmod Permanent SexRP [HZ]SSG. Broski
STEAM_0:1:111928819 vaporshark Permanent Hacks [HZ]SSG. Broski
STEAM_0:0:20122911 swagcoin Permanent Mass RDM spawn [HZ-PE]SSG. Tyler
STEAM_0:0:128032510 Nich Permanent Asshole [HZ]Cpl. A Single Pringle
STEAM_0:0:128084816 iliketurtles Permanent Asshole [HZ]Cpl. A Single Pringle
STEAM_0:1:60166660 SlenderMan Permanent Asshole [HZ]Cpl. A Single Pringle
STEAM_0:0:10150171 King Nick Permanent hacks I Hate Thieves
STEAM_0:0:29163952 the K Permanent Hacks Suck I Hate Thieves
STEAM_0:0:75786560 Dazro Permanent HAX killslick
STEAM_0:0:66155889 Aimware Permanent HAX killslick
STEAM_0:1:93567476 AimBotion Permanent bye killslick
STEAM_0:0:64965749 Toxic Permanent Stay away killslick
STEAM_0:1:90990503 TexRed Permanent spammer killslick
STEAM_0:1:104785823 Amy Permanent Sorry no one here by that name killslick
STEAM_0:0:35094813 Mr Meatman Permanent hacks exploits killslick
STEAM_0:1:42384874 Fantasma Permanent not wanted killslick
STEAM_0:1:61580436 FrodoTeaBaggins Permanent trouble killslick
STEAM_0:0:123554682 [TG]Bobolob (Founder Of TG) Permanent Hacks Sadlie
STEAM_0:1:48529739 Nezzer 32 Permanent speak to kills killslick
STEAM_0:0:34321248 Rocky Permanent not wanted killslick
STEAM_0:0:112865267 [TG][red]★[teal]Connor[red] Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:94578741 [TG]xHelios Permanent Hacks found killslick
STEAM_0:1:108433995 cookele Permanent HaX killslick
STEAM_0:0:90992540 Heisenberg Permanent spammer killslick
STEAM_0:0:87844087 {(ACS)} David Permanent Mingebag [HZ]Cpl. A Single Pringle
STEAM_0:1:54095912 Reese-kin Permanent HaX killslick
STEAM_0:1:106149988 sdcromley Permanent Ass-hat [HZ]SSG. Broski
STEAM_0:0:51307737 Surikov Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:48621466 Jack Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:21940168 Key 2.0 Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:50028111 Darky Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:48885598 imyakiller Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:99298769 Inoxia Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:42926722 Jaspaa <3 Permanent contact owner soon killslick
STEAM_0:1:120916149 Massivekills Permanent Asshole [HZ]-R Harry
STEAM_0:1:53815816 Exile † Permanent Fake female gets kids to show pics killslick
STEAM_0:1:84955038 Revan Permanent Contact owner verex killslick
STEAM_0:0:19699737 Swordly Permanent exploited alt account killslick
STEAM_0:1:26033149 Bigalbroski Permanent Get rekt killslick
STEAM_0:1:18138253 Alyssa Permanent Fake female gets kids to show pics killslick
STEAM_0:0:62229764 Wings_Power#WingsOfMagic Permanent Fail Driving told many times bye for good killslick
STEAM_0:1:29422488 Lim Jayhe Permanent Mass RDM [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:0:45273483 Cyanide Permanent Scumbags killslick
STEAM_0:1:11183998 pythonpro Permanent Sex RP x2. Running away from an admin sit. Get off this server. [HZ]Sgt. jbierswaggen
STEAM_0:1:67404903 dangerranger54 Permanent troll from below killslick
STEAM_0:1:27117722 Garry Permanent scumbag killslick
STEAM_0:0:120917199 blackandwhite Permanent Lies and scum bag killslick
STEAM_0:0:136970246 Lies and scum bag Permanent Lies and scum bag killslick
STEAM_0:0:52505415 [EG]steinerfire Permanent troll from down under killslick
STEAM_0:1:120872974 im a no life fag Permanent Lies and scum bag killslick
STEAM_0:1:53385625 ๖ۣۜCä†Kîllër Permanent Struck out [Struck out [Sorry no one here by that name]] System
STEAM_0:1:118863939 timmjons Permanent Mass RDM, DCing to Avoid Ban, Suck My Ass [HZ]Sgt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:92820069 LegacyPhegget™ Permanent Mass CDM, FailRP, RDM, Prop Pushing Cars in Spawn | Make An Un-Ban Request on the Forums | Permanent Ban atombombbaby
STEAM_0:1:89693471 smellycat36 Permanent Sorry no one here by that name killslick
STEAM_0:1:54443252 teammotion Permanent Sorry no one here by that name killslick
STEAM_0:1:46313617 |TBB|Cman3144 Permanent Sorry no one here by that name killslick
STEAM_0:1:44733175 Fourleaf Permanent Sorry your not old enough for perp killslick
STEAM_0:0:15704483 oh Permanent Hacks | Aimbot [HZ]Cpl. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:30154393 djmuz Permanent Sorry no one here by that name killslick
STEAM_0:1:24396657 Vnom Permanent Permanent Ban | Terrorism | Suck My Ass [HZ]Sgt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:37293068 ★Dont mess™★ Permanent FAIL RP getme
STEAM_0:1:86054968 NastyRavens Permanent DDOS THREATS killslick
STEAM_0:0:57681852 Matthew. Permanent MINGE killslick
STEAM_0:1:25312427 Jakep Permanent Chair Car bomb RDM | ISIS RP | Late Night Griefing Busy
STEAM_0:1:120762433 niqqer enslaver Permanent Sorry your not old enough for perp killslick
STEAM_0:1:114217985 WHAT ARE THOOOOSE Permanent Prop Abuse | Massive Fail | Maximum Limit Reached | Appealable On Forums | Perm Ban | Eternal Fire | Learn to RP [HZ]Sgt. Eternal Fire
STEAM_0:1:9954720 SgtSater Permanent You know why killslick
STEAM_0:1:28561407 ✰VLRP✰ Charged #PrayForPari Permanent scams killslick
STEAM_0:0:26745526 Aruca Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:11563087 Fractal Tiger Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:66671477 [CWL] Ben Permanent Troll, we don't need you. [HZ]CSM. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:5442162 [XR] Verse Impotent Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:26647112 ButterMilkMcTits Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:80614369 markusoakley Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:104921173 markusoakly Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:47200000 Ron Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:48758082 Joe1 Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:56807736 spencertude Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:17322202 bob Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:128948644 Yuri Bezmenov Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:35799570 Ħ∀☡ÅℝD Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:85750798 Dylan Klebold Permanent Saying crap to the server , saying want to ddos [HZ]Sgt. Kenny
STEAM_0:1:29214131 SaniiQuery Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:80329171 Koonpoo Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:10585181 StormOfAshes Permanent Not following the rules. CDMing, RDMing at spawn. [HZ]Pvt. Ray G
STEAM_0:0:25006750 Ballz002 Permanent Bye Bye [HZ]Sgt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:11624223 mimimimicheater Permanent Bye Bye [HZ]Sgt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:55456605 Sinister Permanent Talk to super or owner killslick
STEAM_0:0:26800963 Cory Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:68252204 Jackool Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:146208937 abdel khaderiat Permanent Hey is this Cisero? Goodbye goodbye goodbye [HZ]Sgt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:31437260 Sharp Permanent Troll [HZ]Sgt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:0:80457620 Burnbaby Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:35295460 Young Monet Permanent Thanks for playing. [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:49588987 Novacain69 Permanent Troll [HZ]CSM.Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:41757641 MorninCupofHate Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:44983435 antman22558 Permanent Troll Nerd Virgin
STEAM_0:1:52576694 Mentally Unstable Permanent Troll Nerd Virgin
STEAM_0:1:43214646 MufasaPrime Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:46718625 Jimmy Bolf Permanent DDoS Threat, Appeal on the forums | You are a doody head [HZ]Sgt. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:32073692 =OMLG= dylanbaize Permanent Heavy Racism, Fail RP, Threatening to Ban Evade with other accounts [HZ]Cpl. Ray G
STEAM_0:1:104343205 [NG|O| Black Asian Goats Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:41365973 Breh Permanent Appeal it on the forums, you've been failing over the past few days. Big Meaty Claws
STEAM_0:1:94875197 웃( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)웃 Permanent Troll Big Meaty Claws
STEAM_0:1:79106161 Fluffy Bunny ツ Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:118352415 Nick Gurr Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:45338095 Chueyrocks Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:0:43720250 Teddy Permanent Attempting to scam players for VIP. Good bye [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:0:158263962 Peruvian Puff Pepper Permanent rdm troll [HZ]Cpl. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:105534687 Happy Kitty Permanent CDM 3x, Warned & Kicked, Come back tomorrow. Read the rules [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:1:49766750 Tony Montana Permanent Being a dick in server and TS killslick
STEAM_0:1:44137016 Hello, my name is Raj Permanent Speed Hacks [HZ]Cpl. Ray
STEAM_0:0:94830361 :::Small Islander::: Permanent Spam [HZ]1SG. Broski
STEAM_0:0:12040894 Frizz Permanent Yup you done killslick
STEAM_0:1:81144454 Snoops Permanent rip [HZ]CSM. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:55480733 ihatehitler Permanent Struck Out: RDM Ok Bye gone for the day
STEAM_0:0:56280380 [HZ]Pvt. Austin122131 Permanent Yup you done you need time out killslick
STEAM_0:1:91943237 fbamonte55 Permanent Talk to Owner about your game killslick
STEAM_0:1:79486351 BandzRcool Permanent Mass Trolling / ruining RP on server [HZ]1LT. Broski
STEAM_0:1:33985384 The Cap'n Permanent Troll, appeal your ban on the forums. [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:104841883 Koala Umpata #PRAY FOR PARIS Permanent Name Troll - Perm [HZ]1LT. Broski
STEAM_0:1:42146992 ashersebastian2005 Permanent Fail RP, leaving admiin sit, minge, goodbye [HZ]Cpl. Ray
STEAM_0:0:128354240 jackie_libby Permanent Mass CDM to brea kRP [HZ]1LT. Broski
STEAM_0:1:47291765 Sparky Permanent Troll [HZ]1LT. Broski
STEAM_0:1:98043947 tankkiller2024 Permanent Struck out [Struck Out: Disconnect to avoid RP, next ban is permanent.] System
STEAM_0:0:135087668 Brianna <3 Permanent Trolling, Major Fail Rping, Joiing job to avoid arrest, running away from traffic stop. [HZ]SFC. jbier
STEAM_0:1:74125769 bdboy92701 Permanent Troll [HZ]CPT.Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:39007456 PhoenixShay Permanent Fail RP, Breaking people of out jail for no reason and not in org, minge, job hoping. Good bye [HZ]Cpl. Ray
STEAM_0:1:42673446 Bruce Wayne Permanent Refusing to RP, troll, minge. [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:20767431 GarbageMan420 Permanent Garbage player sex rp stay away killslick
STEAM_0:1:58053628 Garry The Snail Permanent Struck Out: Take this break to read the rules buddy, have a nice evening. [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:156724015 dungeon303 Permanent minge rule ban killslick
STEAM_0:1:58318185 Jopou Permanent Reason [HZ]1LT. Broski
STEAM_0:0:156709310 gfl35 Permanent We don't like trolls on our server. Shitwhistle Pete
STEAM_0:1:76482424 [SOY] Matt Permanent Mass Prop Pushing when no one was one| Mass Prop Killing | PERM | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyX8PWys-hg | Make a unban request here http://hellzoneclan.org/forum/forms.php?do=form&fid=3 | Have a nice life | [HZ]1SG. Tyler/PERPGamer
STEAM_0:0:43037774 talianagisan(sleepysan) Permanent Nope [HZ]1LT. Broski
STEAM_0:0:48197767 Noosewalsh24 Permanent Troll [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:57683567 mustoman800 Permanent Troll [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:58088295 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Permanent Big Minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:48196507 KNEE GARS Permanent Troll [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:0:138179081 dHaze Permanent You've requested to no longer play here, so let me help you off. [HZ]CPT. Coast Guard
STEAM_0:1:98722864 ChumpBucketRuckus Permanent Running from admin sit [HZ]Sgt.█Killibro�
STEAM_0:1:38742179 caLcuLate Permanent God hates trolls. nerd
STEAM_0:0:35047954 hitachi wand Permanent Troll nerd
STEAM_0:1:33514065 Pancakes Permanent minge bag [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:25854717 Lithane Permanent minge rule Hack ban killslick
STEAM_0:0:91139061 iCYFire Permanent minge rule ban killslick
STEAM_0:0:125256546 Rebel Permanent minge rule ban killslick
STEAM_0:0:156722282 dungeonboy Permanent minge rule ban killslick
STEAM_0:0:56702681 arken Permanent yup banned killslick
STEAM_0:0:71685763 Acharvis Permanent Mass rdm in spawn [HZ]Sgt.█Killibro�
STEAM_0:1:84766671 Walter White Permanent DDoS Threats. [HZ]Sgt. Friendly
STEAM_0:1:91288900 ϟϟ Vicious Higurashi Permanent Big Minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:34391758 Say my name you know who i am Permanent fail killslick
STEAM_0:0:76408828 PieCrafted Permanent Appeal this on the forums, you aren't mature enough to play here. Schmegma
STEAM_0:1:92589113 Perp 4 Days Permanent yup ok killslick
STEAM_0:0:83711497 RogueSniper Permanent MASS RDMING AT SPAWN SuperGamer0012
STEAM_0:1:53215707 Ryu From Punch Out Permanent Exploiter | Suck my ass [HZ]SSG. Sleepy
STEAM_0:1:31271095 ✯Sock✯ Permanent Name troll, racism [HZ]Sgt. Kenny
STEAM_0:0:26708350 [REICH] Diekmann Permanent You done killslick
STEAM_0:1:54275426 [HZ]SFC. jbier Permanent Bye the stuff you removed is enough killslick
STEAM_0:0:37562077 MueeCaillente Permanent Rage issues Minge killslick
STEAM_0:1:51647173 darius_ Permanent Hacks Found killslick
STEAM_0:1:147785683 Kelli Flynn Permanent Struck Out: RDM / ADMIN DISRESPECT /MIC SPAMMER [HZ]Cpl. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:47741990 i hate zombie events Permanent See i like zombie events killslick
STEAM_0:1:42257098 Daddy Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:121644202 ஜ۩۞10|A1GuCCi IDgT GuCCiA1| Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:139296573 zapher Permanent Bye Scams killslick
STEAM_0:0:146981265 Mikael Permanent Minge | Fuck off [HZ]SSG. Harry
STEAM_0:0:59349842 SofaKing Permanent Yea we know you well now cya killslick
STEAM_0:1:53605607 Daddeh Permanent Mass RDM | Fuck Off | You're Shit | Fuck off again | PERM [HZ]SSG. Harry
STEAM_0:1:97130881 Magnusmm1999 Permanent Mingebag. FailRP ∞, Inability to roleplay correctly, Mass bombing city for no reason, appeal on the forums. - Striked Out [HZ]Sgt. Friendly
STEAM_0:1:34346067 Wolf Permanent Broke OUR TOS killslick
STEAM_0:1:36015631 ZodiacV1 Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:80282043 ArnorTheBae Permanent Requested to be permed. Assisted in the mass bombing w/ Magnus. - Striked Out [HZ]Sgt. Friendly
STEAM_0:1:80073089 globe909 Permanent RDM Spawn Line [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:1:120371057 Doodie Head Permanent Minge Rule. [HZ]Sgt. Friendly
STEAM_0:1:71617101 officerdonuts §§ [trading csg Permanent Admin Bolo: Mass RDM, Attempting to trade CSGO skins with PERP Money, DCed after mass RDM. 4/7/16 [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:0:96933728 Velkon. Permanent owner knows killslick
STEAM_0:0:46426370 NSA Permanent troll [HZ]Cpl. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:86533611 how to ^ Permanent dont need to be a fail because you cant recruit killslick
STEAM_0:1:35682083 Hardons Permanent cYA | fAIL | TTYL [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:1:40000939 Wermansherman Permanent Fail RP trolling killslick
STEAM_0:1:105610486 SG | Amon Permanent PayPal issues chargeback killslick
STEAM_0:0:55956436 Slurpy Permanent Fail RP | Byw [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:1:83163961 [D.T]ItsMe! Permanent No Intent for RPxx [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:0:119394637 [IG] YOU GOT REKT M8 Permanent Struck Out: Allowing Exploiting | Fail RP | No Intent for RP | Warned, banned, and kicked many times | 24 Hour [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:0:72473544 Watzy☭ Permanent Fail RP killslick
STEAM_0:1:92384833 Spikey Permanent ReasonMinge Lifegoeson
STEAM_0:1:98845299 StateFarm Permanent cRY bABy Lifegoeson
STEAM_0:1:160878638 papa john Permanent KS Orders [HZ]Cpl. RayDaBeast
STEAM_0:1:46610846 Miranda Cosgrove Permanent Struck out [good choice to leave minge] System
STEAM_0:0:34856532 Ser Davos Seaworth Permanent Troll [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:60615233 Tdog Permanent Mass rdming spawn, dcing to avoid punishment several days ago PERM [HZ]Cpl. Angry Engineer
STEAM_0:1:171306222 Kill Slick Is A Pedophile Permanent Reason Lifegoeson
STEAM_0:0:27990969 ChrisGG Permanent READ R TOS killslick
STEAM_0:1:148842350 Rolly Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:158943215 fazekiller Permanent Struck Out: growing in jails and mass trolling [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:155878665 TopKek Permanent troll [HZ]Cpl. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:13164129 A Single Pringle Permanent Not wanting the drama killslick
STEAM_0:1:33609208 Tim B Permanent Trouble killslick
STEAM_0:0:49837819 [HZ]-R LeafyIsNotHere Permanent fucking legitest perma ban ever funny but no [HZ[Cpl. Daddy Nexxus
STEAM_0:1:17035595 bd Permanent Hacking ~ KS Oders | Ban PERM | Read the Rules [HZ]SGM. Tyler/PERPGamer
STEAM_0:1:122892030 Lesbian Dishwasher Permanent Get bent [HZ]Cpl. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:159717469 buddy boy Permanent alts killslick
STEAM_0:0:161635419 kcalsllik Permanent KS Orders [HZ]Cpl. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:178890620 Sean Kingston Permanent Alt Account. | Eazy E. = [Alt accounts are not allowed.] - 0/0 [HZ]MSG. Friendly
STEAM_0:0:179924509 animeisreal Permanent Hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:169077017 paul Permanent Fail to RP then DC talk shit killslick
STEAM_0:1:155889711 zenithhs Permanent Get bent [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:54926417 Seql Permanent mass Cdm [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:86667090 Ear Bleed Master Permanent Mass rdm / troll / stay away [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:59079958 Ducky Permanent MASS RDM | PERM BAN | [HZ]SGM. Tyler/PERPGamer
STEAM_0:0:39377726 RayDaBeast Permanent Troll | PERM BAN [HZ]SGM. Tyler/PERPGamer
STEAM_0:0:97042054 FaZe | Ollie Permanent Banned hacks accounts killslick
STEAM_0:0:35531136 Fatal Permanent Minge [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:31830933 www.twitch.tv/SouthonPC Permanent Appeal on the forums or on TS [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:27035930 ༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ สPicpoper Permanent Fail RP killslick
STEAM_0:0:26787321 o shit waddup Permanent troll [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:180017551 ATL Smook Permanent Fail RP killslick
STEAM_0:1:41636884 [HZ]-R Hacon Permanent Suck my ass [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:90445457 Boosting 4 skins Permanent Banned hacks accounts killslick
STEAM_0:1:50618970 J. Clark ™ Permanent Rdm | Troll | Minge [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:80125280 Clark Permanent stay away killslick
STEAM_0:1:90724587 [THATGUY]leexplorer08 Permanent Struck Out: never learns [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:31598548 A$AP Yams Permanent Can't find you have the same steam id / mass cdm and rdm [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:34164994 [THH Planner] jacthesnake1244 Permanent Minge [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:68733536 Centuron Permanent mass fail bombing [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:54322196 Nebuchadnezzar Permanent Troll [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:67025122 ♥ Dyslexic ♥ Permanent Cya [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:185115644 Rosetta <3 Permanent Troll [HZ]Sgt. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:63097842 Cricket Permanent told you ..Error
STEAM_0:0:63594418 vac bannid player Permanent Mass RDMing | PERM Ban | Bye [HZ]SGM. Tyler/PERPGamer
STEAM_0:1:150809637 The Real Trouble Permanent RDMER [HZ]Sgt. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:96447027 Stomper Permanent Failrp and scum Morty
STEAM_0:1:150043274 ChocoSoupMallow Permanent Minge bag / Don't need you here [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:46480876 St. James 'The Moorslayer' Permanent Troll [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:1:192480104 TheSewerJew Permanent Troll [HZ]SFC. Dougfister
STEAM_0:0:45851595 Potato Permanent Exploiting [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:93032367 Janufa Permanent exploits [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:54706367 Zandy Permanent Mass Rdmer HailToTheKing
STEAM_0:0:40363672 money Permanent Mass Rdmer HailToTheKing
STEAM_0:1:35725199 readynuh? Permanent Mass RDM | With proof of you doing it | Perma | Cya [HZ]Sgt. Scott
STEAM_0:1:62812242 Spaghetti Minion Permanent scum bag from gta killslick
STEAM_0:0:201706334 BunnyHop Permanent Hacking [HZ]Cpl. Code Monkey
STEAM_0:0:202090366 eG* Maryqueen Permanent Hacks LeastNotFake
STEAM_0:1:202431287 offset Permanent spam killslick
STEAM_0:1:102434158 GalacticWolf3 Permanent Struck out [Struck out [Struck Out: Intentional CDM | DC to avoid arrest x2 | DC to avoid Admit Sit]] System
STEAM_0:1:88295513 Fight With Honour Permanent alts killslick